::Surroundings:: Spring Contest – What’s Your Favorite Room?


As I announced earlier this week, the lovely folks at Croft & Little Lighting have offered to award this fantastic Carlyle Beaded Lamp designed by Jonathan Adler, to a lucky ::Surroundings:: reader!

The contest is very simple. In the comments box, please share with us what your favorite room in your house is (or the one you grew up in) and why. That’s it, pretty simple! I’ll put all your names in a hat (literally or figuratively) and draw a winner. Speaking of names, please do not post as Anonymous! You must post with an identifiable name so that I can announce you as the winner. When you post, also please send me an email at linda.m.merrill (at) gmail.com and let me know the name you used for your comment and your real name, so I can notify you that you’re the winner!

The contest starts today, March 26th and ends at midnight on April 1st. I will draw and announce the winner on April 2nd. The winner will need to be willing to provide their real name, address, phone number and email address and all that good stuff so that Croft & Little can send you your prize!

Please note, C&L can only ship to the continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Canada. So, international readers, I’d love to include you, but I just can’t. However, we’d love for you to share your favorite room story with us just the same.

For added fun, if you’d like to share a photo of your favorite space, email it to me at linda.m.merrill (at) gmail.com and I’ll post it! Not necessary to win, but fun never-the-less.

So, tell us about YOUR Favorite room! And Good Luck everyone!

And, don’t forget to visit our prize sponsor Croft and Little and sister sites YLighting and Zwello.com for great options in lighting, furniture and more!

xoxo Linda

23 thoughts on “::Surroundings:: Spring Contest – What’s Your Favorite Room?”

  1. Oohhhh. This sounds fun. My favorite room. I have so many. When I was little, my favorite room was my Aunt Audrey’s living room. Her house was so cool. It was an old Victorian deep into Southern Missouri in a small mining town. In the winter, she always had a fire blazing in the fireplace and we would sit in the recliners and talk and talk and talk and talk. She would always give me a bourbon slush (she called it cough medicine!). It was intimate and warm–like I was being hugged. I always always always felt safe. In fact, when the demands of college and being a young professional got too much to handle, I’d take off and drive the couple of hours south just to feel safe in that living room.

    And the coolest thing about this room was that the walls seemed to expand to accommodate even more people. She would throw a party and literally a hundred people would be milling about that house and we never felt crowded or that it was all too much.

    Now, I have to say my favorite room is our den. It’s where we do most of our kicking back and living. Our son’s toys are scattered about. (Actually, it looks like the toy section of Wal-Mart exploded — little plastic things always underfoot.) It’s where we cuddle on the couch or nap on a Saturday afternoon. It’s the one room where I don’t care if anything gets spilled or messed up. It’s ours. And since we’re imperfect human beings, it’s important to have a room where that can be celebrated.

    There. You have it. My two favorite rooms.

    And I want to win that lamp. (It will be housed in the living room — the one room that where I do care if spills happen.)

  2. My living room. My son wanted a “red room” and I didn’t want to go “colonial” so, I went asian with rice paper panel shades and very square lines. But, the best part is the big comfy couch. My son and I log a lot of time on that couch. And it’s actually my second office (I stashed a printer under a side table).


  3. My favorite room is the one that is being completed right now – our ‘sunroom.’ Previously, it was a dilapidated space in which we stored sports equipment and bikes(!) and literally vines grew into the room. Right now as I type this the space is being painted. It’s going to be a media room with a plasma TV and surround sound. I’ve got a very high end sectional ordered but I’ve got room for a table lamp! This room is just off of our living room and another new space, our breakfast room (which we might call our morning room).

    Love the contest!

  4. My favorite room is my great room that is in my house that I currently live in. The room is very large with lots of windows and doors with windows. I really enjoy sitting in there as it so bright and cheery. This room is the room in the house we all hang in the most. It also has a section for dining so we all gather around the table in this room for holidays and family gatherings. One of the main reasons i love this room is because any party we have usually medium sized parties… we can fit everyone in the room at the same time!

  5. My favorite room is my home office, because here the world is my oyster. I can write, search the internet, make unlimited domestic phone calls for a flat monthly fee, talk to my husband on the intercom (his office is downstairs) and spend time with my twin girls, Katiya and Dushka, 1 1/2-year old Nebelungs (breed of cat). The boy kitties (Nikita and Misha) are not allowed in my office because they play with wires and chase the mouse. The girls are perfect ladies; they come here to get away from the rough-and-tumble boys and to spend some quality time with me. Katiya sleeps on the chair next to mine; Dushka sleeps under my chair. Both get daily massages on the bookcase.

  6. Where the sun shines. I follow the sun around each room in my home during the day. Like a cat warming itself by the windows. Lucky with wireless internet my sofa turns into a desk for the morning and makes me feel energized for the entire day.
    I like to use reflective surfaces to maximize space and bounce light around the room. I love this lamp for it’s shiny base and I have a thing for Jonathan Adler design at the moment. I would love to own this piece to start my collection.

  7. I’ve had lots of favorite rooms and spaces throughout my life, but one I’m loving nowadays is our bedroom down on St. John, US Virgin Islands (photo attached). I love being down there in the Caribbean! We work on the house and projects for half a day, then usually go hiking or to the beach for the last part of the day. We almost always bring guests with us, so the days are very full of activities, tasks, projects, running around. But when we retreat to this downstairs bedroom, it means the end of another event-filled day. It means being alone with my wonderful honey, my husband, Doug. It means lying in bed with warm breezes caressing our skin. The only sounds we hear are tree frogs and the waves gently breaking on the beach below. It means the best sleep of your life… very deep, lots of dreams. It means rolling over a bit and seeing a spectacular sunrise, coming right up out of the ocean. It means waking up to another day in paradise.

  8. Well, I love this contest!! Mine is quite simple, my favorite room is the one created by my favorite interior designer….Linda Merrill!! The room is my bedroom. The room was designed around an inexpensive comforter set I purchased and the warm deep red walls, absolutely gorgeous window dressings in a soft gold trimmed with elegant braiding, only enhances the positioning of my sitting area pieces (which were painted) and my strategically positioned art. The room is soothing and my escape after a long day. Linda, thank you for bringing such warmth to the bedroom allowing me to enjoy my haven for peace and serenity!!

  9. My favorite room is my living room – it has cranberry red walls, lots of wood, lovely dark floors and high ceilings. I have my good speakers set up in this room and all the furniture is really comfortable. In the winter I keep a fire going pretty well 24X7. This is the room in which I listen to music, where I read, where I visit with my friends.

    If it wouldn’t totally kill the ambiance, I’d probably put my computer down there. As it is I often use my laptop in this room and I think I do most of my writing in this room, now that I think about it, too.

    Man, I’d be lost without it.

  10. I must say that my favorite room in my house is my living room. Have finally decorated as I have wanted to in many years. Mind you my husband loves the fact that his big screen tv is also there but that’s besides the point.

  11. It’s almost impossible for me to pick a favorite room in my house but I think if I have to choose (and that lamp is a good enough reason to do it) I’d pick the great room, also known as the living room for several reasons. Firstly its shape, a trapezoid, that in itself is totally cool and the size -it’s double height, but it doesn’t feel grand or imposing. The architect designed a balcony above so that visitors could watch dancing or card games below. Then there’s the ceiling, redwood with exposed beams and four pendant lamps made from umbrella stands. The floor is walnut and oak parquet, perfect for dancing or sliding competitions. There’s stamped sandstone on one wall and much of the furniture came with the house vintage 1968/70. The most surprising thing about the room is the sound quality, providing great acoustics for all kinds of music.
    It’s an awesome room, warm but modern, it can accommodate a whole group of friends or just the family enjoying a cosy night by the fire. And it’s accessible to almost every other room in the house.
    We’re exceptionally lucky to be able to enjoy this great room every day.

  12. The room I love the most is also the room that gave me the most heartache:

    The powder room.

    It was the most awful space I’ve seen outside of pictures of flood-damaged New Orleans. It was covered in hideous red-flocked wallpaper, including ceiling and door, there was a picture of Venus on the toilet seat, and other horrors I can’t even describe. It looked like a whore-house threw up in there.

    It took a week of tag-team scraping to get the wallpaper down and I almost lost my mind. That room was dead to me. I seriously considered covering the entire room in a new layer of drywall.

    But it was so satisfying to finish it that I love it now! Here’s a quote from my blog, where I wrote about the experience:

    “After the room was painted and the wood floor, new sink, and toilet were put in, it suddenly became my favorite room in the whole house! I’m sure it was just because it was the biggest challenge.”

  13. Why, the kitchen, of course! The kitchen, as I always say, includes all five senses in one area with added value of both physical and spiritual nourishment. It’s the most important room in the home to me.

    Fun contest!

  14. My favorite room doesn’t have walls or a ceiling. On the outer edge of a well established perennial garden, is my favorite little corner of the world. This special place is a terrace of basket weave patterned brick and raised flower bed walls of antique fieldstone.

    Each and every season is special in its own way. In the first balmy days of spring, the intoxicating perfume of French hyacinths fills the air. Summer nights are sweetly scented with old fashioned petunias spilling over the stone walls. At the height of the summer season,lillies of all colors surround the terrace.On a warm summer night, a 12 foot table is set for a memorable midsummer night’s feast. Guests arrive at dusk, and the candlelit dinner party always end late. No one wants to end the magic. Autumn bestows a flowering white clematis that totally covers the trellis walls. Its white color reminds us that winter in just a breath away. Soon a blanket of snow will cover the terrace . The beauty and peace that I experience as I gaze upon the terrace only makes me dream of another spring soon to come.

  15. Kitchen, by far. One it’s the center of the house, two, I love to cook — and three it’s where the family gathers daily. I have a huge kitchen 31 X 29 which even has a fireplace.

  16. My favorite room is my living room, I like it because it is comfy for the whole family to be in together, I also like it for the endless possibilities it offers. I am always coming up with ideas to change it.

  17. This may sound crazy, but at the moment my favorite room is my kitchen. That is because it is the room I have most recently done over. In the 15 years I have lived in my home, I have done almost every room over atleat twice. My kitchen and dining room use to be two rooms, but I removed a wall to make them one larger room about 6 years ago. That was of course after I had already done both of them over. Back then I had made it a black and white theme, with checkered floor on an angle. I just installed a rustic looking floating floor over that floor and painted everything to go with the old world look. I think this look will stay for a longer time. I still have a few things to finish up in there like baseboards and window treatments, but I am really happy with the outcome. On to the next room!

  18. One of my favorite rooms growing up was my bedroom! It had a sloped ceiling on one side– had to be careful you didn’t bump your head. I liked to hide out from my 4 siblings–to get some peace and quiet from their rambunctiousness. I played with dolls, listened to music, read many books, and daydreamed the days away up there.

  19. Hello – my favorite room in my house is my kitchen. I feel the heart of any house is here. Feasts fit for a king are created here, after school moments are shared here, homework is labored over here, cookies are lovingly baked here, hugs and kisses are dispensed here – life is lived here. My kitchen has changed little in the 16 years since we redid it….but it is still as warm and welcoming as ever to the weary and the hungry alike.

    Thanks for letting me share this.

  20. My favorite room is my office/guest room/tv sitting room. I love writing at my computer, sitting among my books, with my nice large screen t.v. or CD player on in the background, and my pooch lying faithfully at my feet. This is my safe haven. When guests spend the weekend, I experience withdrawal symptoms. After spending the night in my playground, they thank me for the use of the wonderful electronics, as well as the comfortable sofa bed.

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