Travel Tuesday: $30,000 per night oppulence

Good Morning America recently aired a long piece on the $30,000/night Ty Warner suite in the Four Seasons Hotel in New York. You can see the video here and peruse the hotel images below.

Now, the question is – is any suite of rooms worth $30,000 per night? Although, you do get dial-a-massage service…

xoxo Linda

1 thought on “Travel Tuesday: $30,000 per night oppulence”

  1. Love your travel Tuesdays, but $30,000 per night for a suite that, though it looks luxurious, is too much money as far as I’m concerned. We enjoyed a bathroom that looked just like this one at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. To give the $30,000 suite its due (versus our three figure cost), our tub did not fill up in 60 seconds!

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