And the Winner Is…

Congratulations goes to Modernemama! She wrote about her living room:

“It’s almost impossible for me to pick a favorite room in my house but I think if I have to choose (and that lamp is a good enough reason to do it) I’d pick the great room, also known as the living room for several reasons. Firstly its shape, a trapezoid, that in itself is totally cool and the size -it’s double height, but it doesn’t feel grand or imposing. The architect designed a balcony above so that visitors could watch dancing or card games below. Then there’s the ceiling, redwood with exposed beams and four pendant lamps made from umbrella stands. The floor is walnut and oak parquet, perfect for dancing or sliding competitions. There’s stamped sandstone on one wall and much of the furniture came with the house vintage 1968/70. The most surprising thing about the room is the sound quality, providing great acoustics for all kinds of music. It’s an awesome room, warm but modern, it can accommodate a whole group of friends or just the family enjoying a cosy night by the fire. And it’s accessible to almost every other room in the house. We’re exceptionally lucky to be able to enjoy this great room every day.”

For posting her comment about her favorite room, Modernemama has won this lovely Jonathan Adler lamp!

Modernemama was among three other entrants who were brave enough to send in photos of their favorite rooms. (Although it wasn’t necessary to win!)

This from Lolo: I’ve had lots of favorite rooms and spaces throughout my life, but one I’m loving nowadays is our bedroom down on St. John, US Virgin Islands. I love being down there in the Caribbean! We work on the house and projects for half a day, then usually go hiking or to the beach for the last part of the day. We almost always bring guests with us, so the days are very full of activities, tasks, projects, running around. But when we retreat to this downstairs bedroom, it means the end of another event-filled day. It means being alone with my wonderful honey, my husband, Doug. It means lying in bed with warm breezes caressing our skin. The only sounds we hear are tree frogs and the waves gently breaking on the beach below. It means the best sleep of your life… very deep, lots of dreams. It means rolling over a bit and seeing a spectacular sunrise, coming right up out of the ocean. It means waking up to another day in paradise.”

And Eric3000 wrote of this small lav: The room I love the most is also the room that gave me the most heartache: The powder room. It was the most awful space I’ve seen outside of pictures of flood-damaged New Orleans. It was covered in hideous red-flocked wallpaper, including ceiling and door, there was a picture of Venus on the toilet seat, and other horrors I can’t even describe. It looked like a whore-house threw up in there. It took a week of tag-team scraping to get the wallpaper down and I almost lost my mind. That room was dead to me. I seriously considered covering the entire room in a new layer of drywall. But it was so satisfying to finish it that I love it now! Here’s a quote from my blog, where I wrote about the experience: “After the room was painted and the wood floor, new sink, and toilet were put in, it suddenly became my favorite room in the whole house! I’m sure it was just because it was the biggest challenge.”

VR said… “My favorite room is my home office, because here the world is my oyster. I can write, search the internet, make unlimited domestic phone calls for a flat monthly fee, talk to my husband on the intercom (his office is downstairs) and spend time with my twin girls, Katiya and Dushka, 1 1/2-year old Nebelungs (breed of cat). The boy kitties (Nikita and Misha) are not allowed in my office because they play with wires and chase the mouse. The girls are perfect ladies; they come here to get away from the rough-and-tumble boys and to spend some quality time with me. Katiya sleeps on the chair next to mine; Dushka sleeps under my chair. Both get daily massages on the bookcase.”

And since others were brave enough to share, I will too:

My favorite room in my house is my bedroom. Not only because I love the colors and that it’s filled with family memories (Grandma’s dresser set, other Grandma’s rocker, Mom’s Whiting & Davis silver mesh bag) but also because it’s the only room in my house that is actually finished! I love bedrooms, love decorating them and love being in them. So, anywhere I’ve lived, my bedroom is always pretty much the only completely finished room.

I’d like to thank everyone for entering the contest and sharing your stories. I loved hearing all the different reasons why we love our spaces, from family bonding to places of rest or entertainment, or even just the feeling of a job well done!

I’d also like to thank my wonderful and generous sponsor Croft & Little for offering such a great prize. Please visit their website and also the websites of their sister companies Ylighting and

And stay tuned as I am currently working with some other folks to be able to offer more contests in the future!

xoxo Linda

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  1. Congrats to the winner.

    I’m going to go cry in the very dark room that the lamp was to illuminate.

  2. Congratulations, modernemama! That lamp will look great in your beautiful living room!

    And now I just have to say that I want to move to the US Virgin Islands.

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