Knowledge is key

I received a note from Brocade Home with the notice that some of their items were featured on a Today Show spot a few weeks ago. I clicked on over to see the segment called Heirloom Chic. I think my head is about to explode with all the inaccurate design references made in this one segment. The spot was presented by Susanna Salk – introduced as a “home decor expert and iVillage contributor”. While she has an impressive resume, this segment was either “dumbed down” for the masses, or she needs to brush up on historical decorative styles.

New vs. Old – New furniture is so easy! “No creaks, no things you have to fix up”. Hmmm. I love the Brocade look and the use of reproductions, but antique furniture, or vintage if you prefer, or hand-me-downs, are usually of superior quality to much of what is made mass production today. A good upholsterer and fresh fabrics can turn the old piece – with natural materials and hardwoods – into something that feels and looks brand new. The new pieces are great for their moderate pricing and availability. I just don’t like that it was put out there that they are superior.

Josef Wingback Chair at Anthropolgie featured on Today, but called a “Windsor Chair” by both host and design expert.

Classic Windsor Chair. Well, they both have arms, seats and legs. But aside from that…

Fleur-de-lys floral carpet at This may be made in China, but it’s hardly an Oriental or Indian inspired design. The rug is made by KAS and their own website refers to a similar collection as: “Made of blended New Zealand wool, this collection of classic designs includes French Savonneries, aubussons and florals made in China. “

Victoria Hagan Vase at Described as Delft Pottery inspired design on Target, but referred to as looking like a “Ming Vaaaz” by Susanna Salk.

Ming Dynasty vase sold at auction in 2006 for $10.13Million

Ming Presentation Porcelain

English Delft Charger on 1st Dibs

I’m really not a stickler for painstaking historical research, authenticity and provenance. But, I do think that if one has a national audience and is a position of authority to impart knowledge, then it behooves us to at least try to get it right.

xoxo Linda