Book Review: “The House Always Wins” by Marni Jameson

I was recently sent a preview copy of syndicated home dec columnist Marni Jameson‘s new book “The House Always Wins” which is billed as “a compulsively readable, zanily humorous, yet completely practical step-by-step guide to creating your dream home.” Ms. Jameson has built and decorated three homes and this book describes the ups and downs of a move from California to Colorado when her husband suffers a mid-life crisis, quits his job and decides it’s time to move to another state. (yikes!)

Her writing style is breezy, sometimes snarky and often pointed. It feels like she is sitting across the table drinking a cuppa with you. She covers the whole process from house hunting to finding one’s own style and design center mania, organizing and at the end, giving her first party. All the while, she’s hitting on all the important aspects of home design – from the emotional to the physical. I really like the book, although I do wish it had some photos or illustrations. It seems odd to have a home dec book devoid of images. However, Marni’s writing style goes a long way toward making up for this.

So, if you’re looking for someone to commiserate with, to laugh with and to be inspired to keep going by, check out “The House Always Wins”.

xoxo Linda