This Old House – Playing Editor

This Old House, is turning an entire issue of its magazine over to readers, online users, and TV show viewers. From front to back the ideas, stories and photos set to appear in the special June edition will come from submissions to a specially created, community-based Web site — including the issue’s cover.

Now through April 15th, log onto to vote for your favorite cover option. The four cover images are from the same home in Southlake, Texas, which won the TOH Remodel Online Contest.

So, which cover grabs you and why? I prefer the top left. The closeup of the kitchen counter is very eye catching. Bottom left is too empty, bottom & top right are too common.

xoxo Linda

1 thought on “This Old House – Playing Editor”

  1. I voted for the top left too (before reading your comment – great taste, Linda.)

    The balance of the composition and colors of the dishes caught my eye at a distance. Magazines need to compete on the newstand. I think that the top vote getter so far is a little bland.

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