Branding the Famous: John Wayne

John Wayne Iconic American Brand to Expand to Home Furnishings Categories

Wayne Enterprises
, the sole and exclusive keeper of the John Wayne brand, has signed RWG Licensing, a strategic marketing and licensing consulting company, to assist it in identifying and securing licensed product and endorsement partnerships in the home furnishings and accessories categories.

Steve Regan, principal of RWG, said, “Consumer awareness of John Wayne is universal and his appeal remains extremely broad. It’s an ideal time to focus on an iconic, all-American brand in the home furnishings category.”

Ethan Wayne, president of Wayne Enterprises, added, “We’re excited to have RWG Licensing working with us to bring the John Wayne brand into the home furnishings and accessories categories, and look forward to expanding our current licensing partnerships and products to include a lifestyles product line that he would be proud of.”

John Wayne is certainly an iconic figure – but to whom? Will he appeal to a younger demographic? Women make well more than 80% of the purchasing decisions for the home. Does he appeal to today’s woman? Or does he seem like your Grandfather’s hero – stalwart, trustworthy but not today?

xoxo Linda

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