NEW BLOG! ::Silver Screen Surroundings::

By far, my most popular blog posts have been my “Get that Look” series where I have profiled beautiful movie interiors and how to break them down and get the look in your own home.
While I still intend to do these posts over here on ::Surroundings::, I have created a new home ::Silver Screen Surroundings:: where I will focus exclusively on movie set decor, including the set decorators and who they are inspiring.

In addition to my “Get That Look” posts, I’ll include lots of still images for fun and links to many other online articles and images.

::Silver Screen Surroundings:: is still a work in progress – I’m still copying my existing posts over there and updating some of the links – a bloggers work is never done! But I invite you to hop on over and let me know what you think!

Now, all we need is the popcorn!

xoxo Linda

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