Pattern Play – ooooo Circles oooooo

Alchemy cocktail table by Allan Copley

The circle motif has been a staple of the design world since there was, in fact, a design world. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that cave dwellers drew circles on their walls. Circles are interesting to look at – geometric, yet soft. They can also be imbued with deeper meaning: the circle of life, wedding rings, circus rings. They are containers of form and meaning. Here are some fun examples of circles and dots:

Single Girl Quilt – sly take on the Double Wedding Ring quilt – by Denyse Schmidt

Flocked circles fabric at Brocade Home

Dot Stencil play DIY Project at Evening Standard Homes & Property

Circle Dinner set by Jonathan Adler on Motif Modern Living

Pair of 1940’s French dot mirrors at Venfield on 1st Dibs
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