What do you do with all those magazines?

(click the pic for closeup view of this batch of magazines)

I have so many magazine subscriptions that some months I actually dread going to the post office for my mail. My little mailbox is overstuffed and then I end up with a big old pile on my dining room table. I love perusing the mags, but what to do when it’s time to dispose of them?

I am trying to simplify my life – less clutter, cleaner surfaces, fewer chachkes. Meanwhile, big piles of magazines do little help this mission. But, I hate to just toss them – even into the recycle bin. This bag of mags – all recent – is worth upwards of $100 at the newstand. And you know what?


I offered these not once but twice on my local Freecycle group list. The first respondee promised three times to come get ’em but never did. The second respondee to my first post asked me to let her know if #1 didn’t pick them up. I did, but she never replied. I posted a second time and got an immediate response. But she never picked them up either! Jeez! What’s a girl to do?

What do you do with your magazines?

Oh and btw – if you’re near the South Shore/Cape Cod area and want them – please let me know. But please – pick them up!!!

xoxo Linda

8 thoughts on “What do you do with all those magazines?”

  1. I spend tons of time at the hospital with my chronically ill son. There is never a good magazine in the waiting area. I’m sure they’d be thrilled if you dropped them off._Priscilla

  2. Hi Priscilla – thanks for the reminder about hospitals. I spent a good deal of the winter sitting around the hospital when my Dad was in. They had a good assortment, but I’m sure I can find one who needs them.

    Also, I got a nice email from a gentleman at http://www.magazineliteracy.org who let me know of their services.Hopefully my little whiny bit of “wahhh nobody will take these off my hands!” will bring forth a lot of good ideas!

  3. I have a lot of these, too. Having started more than 15 years ago – when I began my study and work as an interior designer – I have created a large collection. And I would not give it away, but I am dreaming of creating a special library for clients to use it. Only, this requires space, investments and more time. May be some day…:)

  4. hi linda…um, i live in marshfield and come and get them right now! i’m a photographer in the area and peruse through for ideas. i’ll take them!

  5. Hi Susan, that would be great. If you want to email me at linda.m.merrill (at) gmail.com and I’ll reply with my address. I could put them out tomorrow if you’re available.

  6. I drop my old magazines off at the library sometimes. Another option would be posting them on craigslist or donating to a high school art class.

  7. I’m an artist and I love to collage with them. I’m sure if you dropped them off at any art center they would appreciate having them.

  8. Great ideas everyone! And Susan, thanks for picking them up, hope you enjoy them!!

    I’ll always have more magazines, so the other suggestions made here won’t go to waste!

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