And the Winner Is… Inspiration Contest

Congratulations to Leanna Hamill!

“What inspires me is the same color blue that I painted my bedroom as a child. It was the color I painted my living room in one of my apartments, and didn’t realize until afterwards that it was the same color. And it is the color of my office now. It brings me a sense of peace and calm to be surrounded by that color, and I continue to be drawn to it.”

My favorite color today – celery green – comes from my childhood bedroom too, Leanna!

Thanks to everyone for contributing your design inspirations to our contest. Lots of great stories and ideas! It goes to show we can take our inspiration from anything, but most stories have to do with memories and the feelings they bring back to us.

A big thanks to Artaissance for sponsoring this months contest. I so appreciate your support!

xoxo Linda

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