It’s a lilac!

Congratulate me! It’s a lilac! Isn’t it pretty?!? And the scent is totally worth the sneezes…

I planted this lilac bush – now over 6 feet tall – from a little twig I bought at Christmas Tree Shops about seven years ago. About three years after initial planting I had the bud of a flower, which got knocked off. A year later, over zealous lawn guys chopped off the top three feet of the bush, so for the last two years, no flower. But this year, I have my first real batch of lilacs. Not enough to fill a vase, but enough to offer up a lovely scent as I come and go. I’m so proud! Those who know me know that I’m not much of a gardener. I have a deep appreciation for a beautiful garden and one of my personal fantasies is to have a beautiful English style garden – and the gardeners to maintain it. Because sadly, I never will have what it takes to do it myself. I have what I like to call a gray thumb. Things don’t die, but they don’t often thrive. I bought my condo around this time of year. While the architecture leaves a bit to be desired, the flowering trees and shrubs are breathtaking. As you can see below:

My front walkway
The little cherry tree – this year is really spectacular for flowering trees.

The views from my front door

My blogging friends from around the country have been posting their beautiful gardens for weeks and weeks, but we’re slow to bloom here in New England – and it’s always best not to plant until after Memorial Day as frost is still possible. Soon to bloom will be the hydrangea, rhodies and eventually my peony.

Happy Spring everyone!

xoxo Linda