And now a chateau….

The internet, including the Huffington Post, is abuzz with the news – or rumor – that Brad and Angelina have purchased a $70m chateau and working vineyard in France called Chateau Miraval.

Kids, love, good looks, fame and money, good deed doing, and now a chateau in France. Jeez you two, leave something for the rest of us!

xoxo Linda

3 thoughts on “And now a chateau….”

  1. It is said that for now they are staying in a beautiful house in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat ( a wonderful town ) near by the italian coast)

  2. WHO CARES? They get so much positive press for being ‘do gooders’ but are they, really? Most of what Angelina does is a fantastic photo opportunity. I’m not sure how meeting with refugees all over the worls actually helps them as much as it does her. Hollywood fame = easy good will ambassador position = sainthood. Anyone who gives a third of their income to the United Nations is dangerously misinformed.

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