Sex and the City hits the big screen

My new Italian sandals and I (and a friend) went to see Sex and the City today. Loved it. Product placement and all.

I laughed, I cried and I certainly enjoyed the movie sets and locations.

Images by Craig Blankenhorn/New Line Cinema ©2008 New Line Cinema via Traditional Home

Traditional Home Magazine, July issue, has a nice article about the set decor, production designer Jeremy Conway and set decorator Lydia Marks. Click here to read more on my blog ::Silver Screen Surroundings::.

Did you see the movie and what did you think?

Visit the official SATC website here.

xoxo Linda

2 thoughts on “Sex and the City hits the big screen”

  1. Love the shoes, Linda!

    There were a lot of fancy shoes at the 1:00 PM screening I attended! I didn’t really watch the show much but I liked the film.

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