Branding the Famous (and deceased): Armstrong Floors

I’ve been fascinated by the rollout of these Armstrong Laminate flooring ads in the national shelter magazines. Each month has featured a different 1950’s era icon (now deceased) with the tag line: “It only looks like the real thing. Armstrong laminate floors.”

So, do Lucy, James, Dean and Marlon help sell Armstrong’s laminate flooring? Or do we spend more time focused on the details of the imagery – the furnishings, the likenesses? I guess the fact that I’m now looking for new ads to come out, wondering how many different icons they have in the pipeline, is a good thing. But, since I really do prefer the real thing – hardwoods and James Dean – I’m not sure how truly successful an ad these are. What do you think? And are Marilyn and Elvis far behind?

Advertising Agency: BBDO New York, USA
Chief Creative Officers: David Lubars, Bill Bruce
Exec. Creative Director: Susan Credle
Assoc. Creative Director: David DiRienz
Copywriter/Art Director: David DiRienz
Photographer: Norman Jean Roy

xoxo Linda

3 thoughts on “Branding the Famous (and deceased): Armstrong Floors”

  1. I did look twice at the James Dean one, and it makes me curious enough to want to see the Armstrong floors in person. I’d call that a successful campaign.

  2. I just saw the ad with Gilda Radner. I personally thought it was in poor taste. I would not run out to purchase armstrong flooring.

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