New Website for Me!

I spent much of December working on my design business website. Okay, so now it’s June, and finally, I was able to upload it. I have a Mac and designed my last website on Apples iWeb, which was very easy to use. Unfortunately, once I redesigned many of my pages, they ended up with new page names and yada-yada-yada – I ended up with a mix of old and new online. Meanwhile, I’d upgraded my iWeb to the 2008 version, which added many new features, but uploading to my hosting service was becoming more and more cumbersome, to the point where pages were going missing. Very bad. My contract was ending, so I finally decided to go with Apple’s, which will now host your site with its’ own domain, as opposed to something unprofessional looking like Yuck.

So, finally, I can unveil my new Ta-da!! Still working out a few things kinks. I may have to visit my buddies at my local Apple Store. Anyway, take a look and if you see anything that doesn’t work, please let me know!!

xoxo Linda