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Click here to read a very important message about the ASID and their draconian methods of controlling business competition for the roughly 3% of all practicing interior designers who fall under their specific job title of “Interior Designer” . Thanks to Joni of Cote de Texas for putting together a fabulous post on this very important issue that will effect the livelihoods of designers such as Kelly Wearstler and me, if enacted nationally.

xoxo Linda

2 thoughts on “Very Important Message”

  1. ASID not only employs 3 full time lobbyists, but has spent somewhere in the ballpark of $6,000,000 trying to pass legislation of this nature that will put thousands of designers out of business.

    What’s more, they are funding these legislative pushes with members’ money – a mandatory legislative assessment levied in addition to the dues, whether one agrees with their plan or not.

    Wendy Hoechstetter
    California Designers Against Legislation (CADAL) http://www.cadal-info-org

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