Home Staging At Gregorian Oriental Rugs

I’m on the board of the New England Chapter of the IFDA (International Furnishing and Design Association) and we have regular events for networking and learning. Last week, we were treated to an evening at Gregorian Oriental Rugs for a talk on home staging. Interim Furnishings’ Sharon MacDonald and Susan Durfee offered some interesting pointers on the value of home staging when selling in this market. I actually don’t like the term “staging” as it seems to indicate a kind of “trick” of the eye. It’s really about Home Presenting – presenting your space in it’s best light. At most, you want to highlight the positive, while downplaying the negative (much like wearing big hoop earrings and a low cut top to keep the eyes off the thighs). You can’t, and shouldn’t, hide flaws – but you can put them in their place. You want people to focus on why they want to be there and how the positives outweigh the negatives.

In any event, the evening was lovely and I wanted to thank Scott, Susan and Sharon for a nice evening!

Some of Gregorian’s amazing oriental rugs. I was walking around barefoot and ooh la la!

Susan Durfee, Scott Gregorian and Sharon MacDonald

Gratuitous cupcake shot. Aren’t these amazing? Little chairs, window treatments and all. From The Icing on the Cake.

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xoxo Linda