Repeat after me: Post-It Notes are our friends…

Peg Gets Organized, Part Three! And not a minute too soon!

Post-It notes can get you organized and help you stay that way.

Yeah, I was skeptical when Elizabeth Mayhew first suggested it, too.

Then I got some. Then I used them. And it does help. (Of course, it helps if you can find the Post-It notes when you need them. If you still need help – go back to Post 1 and Post 2).

Here’s what Elizabeth suggests. I second the recommendation.

Use the FINDS method (Flag It Now. Don’t Stall. )

• Catalogs cross breed and multiply. Use Post-It Flags to identify the items you want to buy and act on it fast. After a month of saving and flagging catalogues, cancel subscriptions to any that remain un-flagged to save paper and decrease your clutter.

• Post-It Flag Highlighter pens are like the coolest thing ever. When a bill comes into the house, highlight the due date and mark the bill with a Post-it Flag to indicate that you have not paid it yet, drawing attention and demanding future action.

• Post-It Durable Tabs make dandy file markers. Use them to label bank statements, monthly credit card bills, investment documents and anything else you deem important.

Get control of your closet

• Here’s a dandy tip: Flag every item in your closet with a Post-It. Remove the flag when you wear the item. In a few months, consider donating the items that still have flags. I did it and my closet has way more room. (Makes me want to go shopping.)

As I said earlier, knowing where you put the Post-It notes is the first step. But once you figure that out, man are these things nifty.

Good luck.

Linda’s note: My thanks to Elizabeth Mayhew for helping us get organized and to my pal Peg McGuire for being the test subject.

Read the entire series here.

xoxo Linda

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