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As I previously wrote, I was thrilled when the powerhouse blogging team behind Blogging Project Runway asked me to join them as lead blogger on their Blogging Top Design site. I’ll still be covering some aspects of the show here on ::Surroundings::, but most of my work will appear over at BTD.

I am currently getting in touch with the Season 1 designers and am looking forward to hearing what they have been up to, their thoughts on being part of the premier season and other fun tidbits.

We’re also getting to know the new crop of designers – all of whom come armed with high profile resumes in various aspects of the design industry.

Did you watch season 1? It definitely had its’ ups and downs and we’re all hoping that the new production team (Magical Elves, producers of Project Runway and Top Chef) have brought their magic to this season.

Returning judge Margaret Russell, editor in chief of Elle Decor, has done her part in the September issue of the magazine.

Elle Decor scans courtesy of Season 2 designer Eddie Ross.

Will you be watching? What kinds of challenges do you hope to see on the show? Will you be blogging on the show? We want to hear from you too! Email me at linda.m.merrill (at)

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