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What is better than a spectacular kitchen and well organized closet? (ok, ok – this is a G-rated blog!) Click on the kitchen image below for a larger size – it’s spectacular. There was so much technical detail in the press releases for the kitchen and bath that I’ve copied it below.

Arclinea has always viewed the kitchen as the most personal, relaxing, and comfortable room in the house, and a place for living par excellence. It is also a space that is constantly changing and evolving. At Eurocucina 2008, Arclinea presented Lignum et Lapis from architect Antonio Citterio: a new kitchen that translates current trends into readily perceivable living solutions with an exclusive blend of plantation-grown sustainably-harvested larch and stone and innovative technological solutions.

“The kitchen is increasingly a series of design solutions that become architectural solutions…” — Antonio Citterio, architect.

The beauty of natural wood is highlighted in Lignum et Lapis with the use of larch for benches, tables, the new Olimpia model of chair and stool, and a solid door designed in staves of varying widths set at different distances. Stone offers tremendous impact and distinction to Lignum et Lapis’s innovative islands, bars, and worktops. Formal research and technological know-how have resulted in real industrial sculptures—physical monolithic blocks in stone combined with Eulithe (for lightness) and aluminum (for mechanical resistance), and side and end panels that act as supporting elements. The worktops are designed and realized with a drip guard and integrated basins ready to accommodate stainless steel hobs and sinks.

Arclinea introduces numerous technological solutions in Lignum et Lapis, including:

• Ceiling-mounted extraction units with adjustable tie-rods, entirely in Aisi 304 stainless steel, filling the spaces usually left empty above islands and peninsula units. They are made of two shelves, one above the other, edged with a utensil rail and able to be fitted with a lighting system, indoor miniature greenhouse, and food warmer. Thanks to the ceiling-mounted units, a tailor-made extraction unit can be fixed to the ceiling using a frame with the application of filters and detached motors, according to needs.
• A hideable hood that rises and descends into the island, adjacent to the cook top, at the push of a button. The application simplicity of the oleodynamic technology used makes it possible to combine aesthetics, function, and performance, and enhance their value.
• Undersink units for correct separation of waste are rational, functional, easy to read, and a simple answer to the growing need to accommodate recycling.
• An unusual electronic integrated mixer faucet with extractable shower and variable lighting indicating water temperature is fixed to the back panel of the stainless steel canopy shelf, which can be fitted with hood, lighting system, and indoor miniature greenhouse.
• A high dishwasher ergonomically housed within the wall of tall units is a design solution that combines ease of use with aesthetics.
• Innovative cooking systems including a “warming top” which heats up to 108° Fahrenheit by means of a switch on the Totem plug socket element on the worktop measures 90×48 centimeters and can be fitted on steel worktops and on base units with Arclinea exclusive dishwarmer drawers; the professional electric welded “cuocipasta” pasta-cooking system with inlet and outlet for water and starch.

Lignum et Lapis will be available in the United States in Fall 2008.

Rimadesio, the Italian manufacturer of luxury glass and aluminum passage doors, wall panels, and closet/shelving units, introduces Abacus, a dramatic and innovative walk-in closet system available exclusively in North America at Rimadesio Boston. Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, Abacus pairs thin aluminum honeycomb shelving with elegant tempered glass. “We didn’t want the technology to be seen,” says Bavuso. This decision allows dramatic design features to take center stage. For instance, the tempered glass used in the unit is available in thirty different colors, all of which were deliberately chosen, according to the designer.

The type of aluminum used in Abacus’s framing was originally designed for aeronautical applications, meaning that the system’s overhanging shelving features are super-thin but strong enough to handle the large capacity required of a walk-in wardrobe. A patented solution for suspended elements allows Abacus’s aluminum structure to be largely hidden. A lighting system, integrated into the top part of the panels, offers both illumination and drama. “Abacus takes the walk-in closet to an entirely new level,” says Rimadesio Boston owner Philip Guarino. “It’s a distinctive closet system that brings tremendous functionality and an exceptional aesthetic to an often overlooked but very important part of the home.”

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