What’s happened to Brocade Home?

After a summer blitz of advertising and sales (which induced me to order from them for the first time!), Brocade Home seems to be having some difficulties and has closed down their website and blog.

Near the end of July, I ordered their Ribbon quilt in leaf green.

Their website – inexplicably – didn’t offer order tracking (which makes no sense as they are part of Restoration Hardware and they certainly offer order tracking!) so I called about a week after I placed the order to get the shipping status. I was advised that they were backed up due to a large amount of orders and the shipment would go out in three weeks or so. As of today, the order hasn’t shipped, but they now advise that it’s slated to go out end of this week, or beginning of next. Apartment Therapy posted about this last week. Interesting items in the comments section.

Well, I hope I get my order…

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  1. i ordered the white bed frame and headboard. the headbord hasnt come and no one has called me to set up a delivery time in 2 weeks. the frame came with the wrong instructions, a huge crack in the side raile and MISSING parts. I have emailed 2x to get tracking numbers after they remedied the mishaps (standard by the way- should have been overnighted) but to no avail. and they hardly pick up the phone. GO ELSEWHERE

  2. A belated thank you to Linda Merrill…I purchased and received 2 of Brocade Homes 20" round tables in glossy black. The shape is curvy and they are beautiful!
    They do scratch easily so I don't know that i would recommend them.

  3. Hi Iluvcolor – They are, apparently, back in business. They claim that they have broken off from their relationship with Restoration Hardware and promise better service, but when I asked them for a formal statement of their situation, they wouldn’t provide one. Personally, I wouldn’t order from them online. But perhaps others have had a good response recently?

  4. February 2009
    is Brocade Home back in business? Is it safe to order through their website? Anyone? Thank you!

  5. Hello all and thanks for writing as I finally felt I wasn’t alone in this terrible mess. I had been a loyal customer with RH and made may purchases with them in their stores at the mall. At one point I was asked for my email address so that I could receive promotions, coupons etc. you know the deal, anyway, it was later I received an email from Brocade……ohhh so pretty! And the sales!
    I ordered velvet curtains (most of which I received, but they no longer have the same type available to order anymore), I ordered a table runner (received) pillow shams (which I did not receive) to match the table runner, a chandelier (which I was told was on back order and would receive) and another pillow (which I got an email saying they were out of so I cancelled the matching pillow in different pattern, then I received the first pillow I was told I wouldn’t get) I then tried to re-instate the matching pillow but was advised it was not available for order any longer.
    I called BH and was told in July well, you’ll receive everything you ordered, but we are moving warehouses and we haven’t started on the July orders, so you’ll get the July orders in late August or September. I didn’t receive anything so I called again and was told yes, they see the order but they are still behind and it’ll ship, don’t worry.
    I then called in October and got this voice mail saying leave a message and someone would get back to me. (No one did) I sent an email to customer service and again, no response. I called RH, since they were managing BH at the time of the order, they advised that someone from BH would be getting back to me, (No one did). It is now November and after a whole lot of calls to RH (who by the way have their Corporate Headquarters phone number listed on their website which when dialed advises is now disconnected) and emails to RH and email to BH someone FINALLY called back and advised after all this, that “RH is no longer responsible for BH and to call them directly for my order”. I explained that the number goes to a full voice mail and that the email for customer service goes back to RH. I didn’t get anywhere. I cannot believe that RH has such a lousy Customer Service department and that they have no problem just ignoring their clients.
    I am now out the pillows, the chandelier etc. and have a table runner and one pillow that matches some of my curtains. Even if Brocade is “back up” and “running” again do I want to trust their Customer Service or their ability to send the merchandise ordered in the color and style I wanted?

  6. Okay, I’ve read all the above comments and can offer you some real information. I used to work for Restoration Hardware as a customer care person at the store level. Their delivery logistics are horrible. Their order tracking systems are horrible. Their inventory and distribution systems are horrible. If you think, as a customer, you’re in the dark about your own orders, let me tell you that as the supposed “go to” person at my store for customer orders, I would get the same lack of support, and then have to deal with the wrath of the customers who are being abused. Overcharging is pretty typical. The company profits from overcharging, holding, and then eventually refunding customers money to the point that it is standard operating procedure. Being a salesperson for Restoration Hardware is horrible. They build up relationships with their customers, work hard coordinating various products and design choices to meet their customers needs. For any other company, this would be a great thing, but at Restoration Hardware, its a thankless job. Because, as a salesperson, after doing all of this work, and having you rcustomer committ to a large ticket order, the company steps in an destroys any relationship a credibility you may have with your customer. You have a less than a 20% chance of having a trouble free order. The other 80% are like the ones in this blog. And that’s sad. One last thing that sticks in my mind that sort of explains why customer follow through doesn’t matter for this company. One fall initiative pushed by the home office was to have the stores come up with innovative ideas that will increase our business. As you imagine, many suggestions and requests were floated to tackle the customer service problems that cause most stores to suffer a 30% return rate. After a few weeks a winning idea was announced. The winning idea that would “shift the paradign” was a way to fold their oversized towels to fit into their display cases……that’s when I realized that management didn’t care to fix the real problems, didn’t care about the employees who had to deal with the fall out from said problems, and most importantly, didn’t care about the very customers who’s purchases funded the silly towel folding guidebooks that were later printed and sent to the stores……

  7. Well, Brocade Home is back in business but as usual, the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

    I ordered 2 sets of glasses and only 1 set came in. It took them over a week to research what had happened. Eventhough the glasses I ordered were advertised, they claim they were out of stock and I had the last set.

    By the length of time that it took them to figure this out it shows that they do not keep good inventory records. Also the packing slip showed that two sets were shipped but only one was “available”.

    They have nice items but really not all that. Closing would be their best option if you ask me.

  8. I have the silhouette king size canopy bed ….the side rails and headboard. I am missing the canopy/legs/posts. I finally realize I will never receive them from brocade home. Anyone out there want to make a whole bed? In boulder, colorado

    I went there and they look to be selling again. Dont know if it’s trust worthy but it is there. Very interesting.

  10. Hi Anon,

    I also received extra parts of the twin Petite silhouette beds (white) – I have the bottom parts of the bed – the headboard, footboard & bed slats – are these the parts you have? I am looking for rails to go with them – the corner posts & canopy rails. I wasn't sure from your post which pieces you needed?
    Can you let me know? I am based in NYC. Thanks!

  11. I just found the Brocade Home string of posts and was hoping someone posting might have received extra headboard pieces for a white twin “petite silhouette” bed?

    I received two sets of rails (bottom portion) but no posts or canopy to which I can attach them! Without the other pieces I have two half-beds. If you do, please contact linda merrill who is acting as intermediary (thanks, linda!) Her e-mail is linda.m.merrill@gmail.com.

    Obviously, I’d pay for shipping, if someone else received a duplicate. I’m also happy to ship the extra set of rails I have in exchange, if the receiver would like to pay for shipping it.

    One more thing: I did contact Restoration Hardware and when they looked up my order, they were able to refund me the cost of the bed. I would recommend giving them a call if you haven’t already done so. A big thanks to whomever posted that number and tip! 🙂

  12. Ok, I am relieved to hear that I am not the only one.

    It took me one year to convince my husband on the hand carved headboard – it is a bit girlie but i loved it. After two failed delivery attempts since they arrived damaged to the local delivery company – I was told it was discontinued and that was the last kind in stock. I was stuck with the white platform bed that they had already shipped. They did credit all of my money. So frustrating. I swear I won't buy anything from RHardware either. It was a draining experience and not one I want to experience again. We ended up buying a bed that is fine but not what I wanted at Room & Board. It arrives today so we are very excited to move on! Maybe one day I will have enough money to have a big hand carved headboard custom made……
    I say they should sell to Sears too! Extreme Makeover would have more options……

  13. does anyone have a turned metal pedestal table from brocade that they want to get rid of? i bought one thinking if i liked it i would by another to make a nice matchy-matchy pair to sit on either side of my sofa. too late–BH went outta biz! can anyone help???? thx!!

  14. So uh… no more Brocade Home – for sure or are they just going throught something?
    I read somewhere above that Restoration wil be carrying the same products that Brocade carried – is that true? If not, any suggestions as to where I can find similar products?

  15. MELISSA: Could you e-mail me at zach at alchemytoday.com about possibly buying your extra side rails. Like other folks here, a friend ordered and went through a billion headaches with BrocadeHome before being told that the second box for an ordered bed wouldn’t be forthcoming. I think it’s the same bet (silouhette, brown) but will check… she says her bed is called the “hand carved” coffee bed and she’s missing the side rails and legs. If that’s what you have, plz get in touch and we’ll take them off your hands.

  16. Good tips and reminders, Anon. It’s hard when you’re frustrated and angry not to yell at the poor person who’s answering the phone. They haven’t made the problem, but are the first line of defense and PR for the company. Brocade Home and Restoration hardware have shown a shocking lack of common sense throughout this whole problem.

  17. I am sure you are frustrated, but a “class action lawsuit” over furniture is a bit extreme. What you should do is call your credit card company/ the bank and tell them you have an unauthorized charge on your card. It will then be up to Brocade Home to prove you made the charge. Because of all the legal info needed to prove it was you, 90% of company’s never follow-up.
    Also screaming at employees at BH is definitely the wrong way to go. Those employees or even supervisors have nothing to do with the way this is being handled and are only following protocol that has trickled to them. As someone who has worked in a retail store that went out of business, Bombay Co, there is nothing those of us can do on the bottom… including giving you the number to the supervisor or putting you in touch with supervisor. Yelling and screaming will only make the situation worse and then you are definitely not going to get the little help we can give you.
    My best advice to those of you trying to get your money is 1- stay calm and polite… even if you have spent thousands… even if it’s the 100th time you’ve call. Remember the person on the other is getting paid less than $10/hr to help, they very strict limitations to what they can and can’t do, and yelling at them isn’t going to make yours or their situation better. 2- If you can’t get through, dispute it with your bank or credit card company. Then it’s up to BH to prove that they sent you your order, etc. The likelihood of that happening is probably slim to none.
    But something tells me you didn’t spend over $5,000,000 which want you would need for a class action lawsuit.

  18. I've had the same experience of trying to reach the supervisor on their extension only to receive a voicemail with no return calls. I'm so sick of hearing " It'll be posted to your credit card in 3-5 business days." I'M READY TO FILE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST BROCADE HOME & RESTORATION HARDWARE

  19. Just wanted to report an update/resolution – I got my money back!! O_O

    I’m floored that they actually ended up doing anything. I did open a dispute with my bank (thanks for the advice Melissa!), but was shocked to find the refund sitting in my bank account when I checked it this morning. All I can say for anyvbody else going through a similar situation is to demand to speak to a SUPERVISOR. They are the only ones who will actually listen to you (for fear of getting fired/yelled at, I’m sure), everyone else will just keep giving you the same (false) canned answers. And make sure you clearly ask for their (first AND last) name, and write down the date and time you called. You want as much evidence as you can get when you do open a dispute with your bank 🙂

  20. you need to call your credit card and dispute the charge. once in dispute you are no longer liable for the dollars. most credit card companies will work with you on this. unfortunately its about a 30-day process.

    good luck! and i am still looking for anyone who needs the replacement rails on a silhouette queen sized bed in coffee.

  21. I want to second what Anon @ 3:09 (above me) said. For me it has been over a month and a half of complete insanity!

    I originally ordered a queen sized Silhouette canopy bed, and then placed a second (separate) order for a duvet cover. Not only did I not receive all of the necessary pieces for the bed (was missing all the leg posts and canopy pieces), but it took 3 weeks to get to me with multiple calls to BH headquarters to check the tracking. When I received it and noticed that pieces were missing, I called them and they said to return it for a full refund since they didn’t have any replacement parts in stock. I did and STILL HAVE NOT SEEN MY REFUND!!! That was over 3 weeks ago.

    I’ve called at least five times to Rest. Hard. and each time they keep giving me excuses (“It’ll be done this week,” “You should have it within 72 hours” etc.). AND STILL NOTHING! This is absolutely despicable customer service.

    I called yesterday and the rep I spoke to said they were going to “email their supervisor…you should have received it 3-5 days after it was posted” and gave me their extension to call back the next day (today). And what happened? Tried RH’s number + ext. and got the rep’s voicemail, not one, not two, but three times!!! (Tried them at 3 different times throughout the day and NOTHING!)

    I called once more today and the (different from yesterday) rep said that they would post my refund “right now,” and I should expect to get it in 24-72 hours?! Please, tell me how that makes sense, because it doesn’t to me 🙁

    Anyway – enough is enough. I’m calling them if I haven’t gotten it by the end of the day tomorrow and throwing every threat I can think of at them (BBB, Consumer Affairs, Attorney Gen.’s office, possible lawsuit etc.). Wish me good luck! 🙂

    P.S. Oddly enough, the duvet cover showed up within two weeks, and haven’t had any issues with it at all (they charged me correct price, sent correct item, and shipping time was decent). And the refund I’m waiting on? Almost $600! 🙁 If anybody has any other ideas about how to get my money back – PLEASE let me know (by posting here, I check this post often) because at this point I’m open to trying almost anything….

  22. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH BROCADE HOME OR RESTORATION HARDWARE!!!! the most ridiculous customer service ever. after placing an order i called 3 weeks after not receiving the product. They lied giving BS excuses and still couldnt mail it for another two weeks and wouldn’t receive till three weeks after that!! Then i cancelled the order and they still sent it. i returned all products and they WONT refund my MONEY!!!! after leaving messages and sending email, i still can’t get it back. it’s been over two months!! they should burn in hell for such foul practice.

  23. I hadn’t noticed that Anon. Their blog is also back up – different URL, I think. I emailed them and asked them to look at all everyone’s comments and asked if they had a statement, I’d be happy to post it.

  24. Has anyone noticed that they changed the main page(www.brocadehome.com) from the old “we are trying to fill all the orders” statement to the new “We are working on the site to make it better” graphic? I wonder if there is actually hope or if that is just another bad business tactic to avoid all of the credit card claims that are hitting them. Thoughts?

  25. We have also had a few months of ridiculousness. I was told with this last order that they are not able to take “re-orders” at this time. However, this re-order is not an order but a correction (since they sent me mismatched pieces to the silhouette frame) while also never sending the slats (king) and hardware to assemble it. I purchased the laser cut headboard awhile ago and actually received that today–shockingly, so I am hoping to still put this bed together.

    If anyone has the king slats or middle board–or HARDWARE (metal brackets, bolts, screws, etc. which is more important to me) I would gladly pay you for them and your shipping troubles. Otherwise I will attempt to build the rest of this bed. I just can’t handle it anymore.

    Please contact me at Linz621@aol.com if you can help.

  26. This is so frustrating! I have also left messages on BH’s customer service number – nobody has called me back or the mailbox is full. I ordered 3 white silhouette twin beds and have received 1 full bed and am missing the rails of the other 2! How can I get these? Does anybody have rails they need to get rid of? I was also sent duplicate items and charged for them…I have an extra HB/FB of the silhouette bed and smaller misc items which I didn’t order. I plan to call AMEX today and then to call RH to see what can be done about refunding me. It also appears that I have been charged full price for these items when I ordered them at 50% sale price. This is outrageous! Does anyone know for sure if they are not shipping any more items? I am based in NYC if anyone has some rails lying around!

  27. For gnomik, Yes you can have my head and foot pieces.. I’ll send an email to Linda and we can coordinate.

  28. My fiance’ forwarded this web-link, I thought I’d contribute our horror show experience as well. I blame Desperation Hardware for the whole ordeal. Best thing for them is to pack up, sell to Sears and walk away.

    The whole experience has become something that makes me swear to not even step foot in an Restoration Hardware store ever again, and curse underneath breath when I simply walk past one in a mall/

    Back in late March, early April we had placed an order for a headboard and two dressers from Brocade.
    While we were informed that part of the furniture was back ordered, waiting 4-6 weeks for our delivery was, we felt that was still reasonable.

    In mid June, after still not hearing on the status of part of our order and due to our increasing frustration, I reached out their corporate offices and was put in touch with someone in customer service. While she tried to do her very best, it’s clear that the lack of support she had to get clear answers both internally and from their carriers made her job at hand in customer service an enormous mountain.

    After multiple discussions, we were finally informed that our bedroom furniture was to be delivered the last week of August.Imagine our elation after waiting approximately 5 months for our order, and we arranged to have (at our expense) our current bedroom furniture removed.

    This now led us to our first and definitely our last experience with their carrier Excel Direct.
    Excel informed me that delivery would be between 3:30PM and 7:30PM

    I called that morning and was told that delivery would be between 5:30 and 6 PM. I informed them that the elevators are residential and not freight and thus it would be difficult to deliver after 6 and, also, with the wait that we had to endure after all of these months it was imperative that this furniture gets delivered.

    As of 8:00PM that evening the furniture had yet to be delivered and remarkably Excel Direct has no contact number for the West Coast leaving us powerless without even the courtesy of a follow up call by their organization. Please note that I am only aware of the lack of a contact number due to numerous phone calls to your multiple Restoration Hardware locations during which I was informed that they have no way to get a hold of their local delivery service.

    At 8:30PM, someone from Excel FINALLY called. The truckers finally arrived at 9:20 (who delivers furniture at 9:20 in the evening???) and they cracked the headboard IN HALF while attempting to bring it in.

    Needless to say, we didn’t accept delivery of the furniture.

    The very next day, I called and asked how long it would take for us to get a replacement. After 20 minutes of hold time, the operator got back on and said “sorry that bed is discontinued”

    That entire order has left us drained.

    Do yourself a favor and do what we did. We finally broke down and ordered a whole new bedroom set from Living Spaces, here in California. While it wasn’t our ideal choice the stuff was delivered the same day.

  29. Jodi – I have left my information with Linda, who was kind enough to provide her email address. If the head/foot board is still available, please contact us.

    And thanks so much for your offer.

  30. Yes, yes…. looks like i'm in the same boat. my bronze metal bedframe never came. I only received the TERRACE HEADBOARD that i really want to keep, but i need the matching full frame that fits. it isn't a standard size frame, so i'd need this exact one if someone else got it and doesn't need it!

    FULL: 57"w x 79 "l x 14"h
    Here's a link to the picture:

    I'd be happy to pay for shipping, etc too. I'm in NYC. But just don't want 1/2 a bed to own for the rest of my life.
    Heidi (heidi.fulmer@gmail.com)

    ps: they are definitely out of business and are being bought out by Restoration Hardware.

  31. Just a shot in the dark: would anyone have an unneeded velvet tufted headboard? I have the dark queen-sized silhouette bed and I’ve been waiting to buy the headboard but now I’m out of luck! I don’t really like the bed without a headboard, and now it looks like I’m stuck 🙁

  32. Okay, I’ll play this game:
    I ordered a hand carved bed, full size.
    I have the front and back panels, and am looking for rails! I’ll send my email to the moderator (ah, that’s not quite the right word…..). I”m in NYC, will gladly pay shipping.
    Goodness this has been frustrating.

  33. I should add that I can send [Jodi] a box of the side rails (hardware included) that I have an extra one for, that you can add to your first set of head/foot boards, since I have two of them.

    Seems like it would be a perfect exchange!

  34. I think it would be great if matches could be made for the pieces and parts that some people have received. I’d be happy to play intermediary for anyone who would prefer not to leave their emails in their comments. Just email me linda.m.merrill (at) gmail.com

  35. Hi – this is for Jodi: I have received the coffee finish hand carved full size bed minus the head and foot board pieces!! Which you seem to have an extra set of. And was told that Brocade will not ship them since they do not have any left in stock. It has been truly an ordeal getting all the items, but I like you, have been waiting for them for a while and am happy that I have at least received some of them.

    I realize that this is an odd thing to ask, but can I get them from you? I am willing to pay for all shipping costs to Massachusetts, where I live. Let me know…

  36. Hello, its nice to see that I have not been alone in my frustrations with Brocade Home. I dont want to belabor the subject… so I will just say that I have two coffee replacement rails for the silhouette bed in the QUEEN size. I have been told to discard them, however not wanting to just throw away these very good pieces, I am searching either for the headboard and foot board to go with them, or someone who wants to complete their bed with them. Please email me at melissa.yearta@gmail.com to discuss. Good luck to all!

  37. I’m glad I’m not the only one who got these random shipments of beds. However to put this out there.. I have a extra set of head/foot pieces for the coffee finish full size hand carved bed frame. RH didn’t even want to bother with me returning them. I’m 45 min south of Los Angeles.

  38. Update: Hello all! I wanted to share that I got a full refund on my order with BH. Out of three beds, I only got 2 boxes out of what should have been 6. I didn’t get enough pieces to make one whole bed. Does anyone out there have rails for a twin silhouette canopy bed? How about a queen bed frame? From what I can see, my lace metal headboard isn’t compatible with a non-BH frame. The headboard is so great, it would be a sin to give it away. Its too heavy to bolt to the wall. Any suggestions?

  39. This whole BH thing is the story of my life. I found the site about a year ago fell in love with the furniture and finally got enough money together to get a bed and some other peices and this happens. Of course it's not as bad you if I had paid for something and not recieved it like most of you but still a pain.
    Does anyone know of a place or places that sell similar furniture? I'm looking for the modern baroque style cutout type peices. Horchow has some but frankly the prices are insane for the quality.
    I have dug deep into the "internets" and am having a hard time coming up with anything. Any help you guys can give me is much appreciated.:-)

  40. Brocade is officially out of business. But because it was a part of RH then I think all billing and credit card issues are ok. It’s actually pretty easy to reverse a charge on your credit card. I ordered the silhouette bed the end of june. When I received the order, it was only the head and foot piece. I called and was told that was all I ordered! I did the order over the phone.. So they said they would send the side rail pieces. They did, in three different finishes! BUT I was able to complete the assembly of the bed minus the center support. I called and they discounted the price by 25% and refunded me the shipping costs. So then I ordered the hand carved bed on the 50% sale. I received the head and foot pieces again, but nothing else. I called and was told the other pieces shipped separately and would arrive soon. They did, but it was another box of the head and foot pieces! I called again and insisted that they contact the warehouse and find me the side rails. Well they did and I received them last week..minus the hardware! Luckily I saved one of the hardware packets from one of the silhouette boxes and hopefully will be able to assemble this piece. This has been one crazy ordeal. But I have wanted these beds for a while and despite the hassle and problems I’m glad I finally have them. They are unique pieces of furniture!

  41. Well, I’m happy to report that I finally received my ribbon quilt – just this minute. And, they did charge me correctly on my credit card. So, hopefully it means they are digging out. But, for those who still have problems with billing issues – I’d certainly call my credit card company and alert them to the problem, then perhaps contact the Better Business Bureau to report them. There is absolutely no reason for a company the size of Restoration Hardware to be having this type of problem on their hands when they have distribution and customer service outlets set up. As I’ve said before – why would anyone ever order anything from them in the future. I’d say that if you cannot walk into the store and buy it off the shelf – don’t trust them with your credit card!

    Everyone – thanks for sharing your stories – please come back with updates and good luck!

  42. ellen, thanks for your advice on calling RH. i finally received all of my items (a cube, 2 chairs, a table, and some bedding), was overcharged, and had a damaged chair. they refunded me for the chair and adjusted for the overcharging. i am a satisfied customer… even if it took a while and had to chase customer service.

  43. I called RH today to ask is there any way to get information about repairing my settee. I was told that unless I ordered something recently then the company was ‘no longer with us(referring to RH)’. I find that extremely odd. Where am I to ever find the same fabric? I don’t want to change the fabric, I want it fixed. Sigh..

    I think this was very unprofessional and graceless way to handle the termination of the company. This seems to have been handled in very poor taste. Very unexpected from a company with such stylish pieces,etc. Style and elegance should be carried through to customer service. Such a shame.

  44. Hi all. Okay, i got word that my 2nd order is NOT going to ship, other than the chandelier that i’ve already received. there were 3 other items on there (teapot, desk, dresser). I called today and was put on hold for 40 min by RH. The lady told me she spoke to her first line manager and got confirmation that none of the items will ship 🙁

    I was also overcharged for the chandelier, so they said they would be issuing the refund within the next 3-5 days.

    So shifty 🙁 I can’t imagine they would take a chance to ruin the parent company’s image even if BH IS shutting down.

  45. I ordered two items from Brocade. The first arrived about a week later but I was charged full price. I called Brocade and they told me when the 2nd item shipped I would be refunded the 50% discount on both items. It didn’t make sense to me but oh well.

    Now, over a month later I have not received the second item nor have I been refunded the 50% discount from the 1st item. Well just a few days ago I checked my credit card statement online and there was another full charge for the 2nd item from Brocade. I’m not sure if this means the item has shipped. But I’m more upset that they have charged me full price for both items. Now I have to battle the cc company to get a refund. I hope that they are going out of business because they have created so much bad blood with their dishonest business practices!

  46. I loved Brocade Home. In the past year I had ordered a settee and duvet cover and pillow shams. At the time they were very helpful. However, someone ripped my settee fabric and I desperately need to get in touch with someone at Brocade to find out how to get the upholstery fixed. That’s when I discovered the weird message on the website. I emailed and tried calling. I’m getting no where. Is the company bankrupt or something? What’s going on?

  47. all, good to hear that some of you guys are getting good news! slowly, but surely.

    that’s the case for me too. I previously posted … since then, i have gotten confirmation that my couch HAS shipped via in home delivery. My coffee table was delievered the same way – by a local company called “Associated Delivery.” What happens is, the item goes from brocade to them, and they will call you to schedule an in home time. My guy was very flexible and came after work, around 7pm. It took about 1 week from the time i got the notice for them to call me to schedule a delivery.

    Also, i was told once the order was complete, i would receive the credit, and I did. I received my credit of $705 2 days after the last item (the sofa) was billed.

    Now, I am waiting for my 2nd order… on the phone with RH now on hold.

  48. I have been reading with interest these comments….and wanted to post my experience. I had ordered a tufted cube mid-July (which was prior to the 50% off sale), which arrived around August 20th. I was charged the correct amount. I also had ordered a loveseat, pillows and some frames on July 31st with the 50% off sale. Never heard anything, so I called and left a message, probably about 3-4 weeks ago. I actually received a call from a woman from Brocade on Sept. 1 saying that all of the items would be shipping on the 3rd, the two smaller items by UPS and the loveseat would be in-home delivery. I did receive the pillows and frames, have not heard from the shipper yet re delivery of the loveseat. Re billing, I was billed full-price, but received a credit on my card the same day such that the price was what I was supposed to pay (debit of $863, credit of $335). A strange way to bill. On my invoice that I received with the UPS items, the credit was shown as “friends and family.” After reading these comments, I was worried about being overbilled — but it did work out in the end. If the loveseat arrives, I do feel like I got an amazing deal, though with terrible customer service. I hope that all works out for others.

  49. well, I’m pretty shocked, but I got an email from Brocade Home advising me that my coverlet was shipped and UPS confirms that it’s en route. Hopefully they are digging out from their backlog. Although, my problem has been nothing compared to most of you all who have posted!!

    Wishing you all the best and let us know how things work out!

  50. I had a similar issue…my order was placed July 25 and never received any type of communication regarding a back order of any kind. I’d ordered the champagne glasses for my sister a few weeks prior and had been in contact with them regarding the shipping date for them (I contacted them when I never received the email promised in the confirmation communication). I was told they have moved warehouses and they would be shipped later that week. Six weeks after placing the order, she did receive them.

    The order I placed on July 25 was done prior to realizing the extent of the situation. The good news is that three of the five items I ordered arrived today and I just received an email saying the final two items have been shipped. Looks like they’re holding true to form…6 weeks later the items are arriving!

    I’m baffled by their lack of customer service and communication and just can’t believe the utter lack of concern they seem to have for us…their customers!

    I hope you all begin to receive the items you ordered very, very soon!

  51. Hi all. I placed an order for two twin canopy beds and a queen lace headboard and frame weeks ago with Brocade. I finally got an e-mail confirmation that all my items but the queen frame were shipped. However all I got today was one canopy part of one twin bed! When I called RH customer service (and hit option 2…and waited 20min on hold)they said that the items were not shipped UPS (although they sent me a UPS tracking #) and that my queen frame was on backorder. Really? I waited weeks for a status e-mail. What will backorder look like? Oh, and they couldn’t find out who the shipper was, or why they didn’t call me first before just dumping the box on my porch in full view of the street, or why I just got one box out of 6. Oh yeah, and they said they would call me back. I would be very surpised if they did call me back.

    Good thing I used credit and not a debit card, they are good about looking into bad businesses. What were the execs at RH thinking? Such a shame. As a decorator I, loved their bath hardware. Great quality and design for the price. I read on a consumer blog that all their manufacturing is going to be shipped out of the US. Bummer.

    Thanks for letting me vent. I wish you all luck.

  52. I ordered a coffee table on August 14 and just received a phone call from the shipper today saying that it’ll arrive tomorrow. Finally! I tried calling (I was told that they are backed up but assured me my item would ship) and emailing (they never wrote back) and nothing came of it. Recently I’ve noticed they aren’t even answering their phones and if you do leave a message they never call back. I am shocked by their horrible customer service. I understand that they are “backed up” but that doesn’t excuse what’s been going on. At least their products are cute! Good luck to all on getting your stuff. At least they don’t charge your credit card until the order ships.

  53. Hi all,

    I have some new information along with some advice if it will be helpful.

    I called and left a voicemail on saturday morning with brocade home’s number… but have not received a call back. Anyway, what i did this morning was call the number for restoration hardware, and the customer service definitely *does* have visibility into BH’s orders as well. So, i gave her my last name, etc and she pulled up my 2 orders. there is a sofa (large item) from the 1st order that has not shipped out yet, but she said that everything from BH was supposed to ship out by last firday, the 29th. But, this morning, they were notified that the new date is now Sept. 3rd (tomorrow) ~ so… fingers crossed!

    As far as the charges go, if you call them, the lady i spoke to was very helpful and said she got the message that I was overcharged, and put a note through to get it refunded. She said that orders that were made over the phone all got the extra 50% off attached, but some orders that were placed over the web didn’t (not sure why). but, she said not to worry – i would definitely get the difference refunded. Trying to give the company the benefit of the doubt, though it’s hard. I would definitely call the credit card company to refuse charges if you do not want the items… but I really do 🙁 i don’t want them items to get ready to ship, and not get them because the charge won’t go through. For all the items so far, I have not been charged until they have physically shipped. As long as that continues to be the case, I am okay with that.

    I will update if i have new information. The number for RH is:

    1-800-762-1005, and I chose option 2.

    I hope this helps!

  54. Ellen – sorry to hear about your problems. What’s so disheartening is how different each story is. Some people are receiving their merch, but charged incorrectly. Some people are not receiving anything, but are charged. It’s as if there are no standardized processes with their customer service and as they are going out of business, they hired temps to try to sort things out. They are a mess, no question.

    I would suggest that anyone who has been charged incorrectly or sent bad merchandise should first call their credit card companies to have them refuse the charges and reverse those already paid and then call the Better Business Bureau to report them.

  55. @Ellen:

    OHMIGOD! Although I’m not rejoicing at the inconvenience Brocade is causing you, I’m finally relieved someone else is having the same problem with charges. I ordered several items July 25 amounting to about $400. I have received only about a couple of items since then and they have been charging us full price. I talked to several reps and was told although we would be charged full price per item since it was shipped separately…the computer would know to stop at the correct 50% off total clearance price. I didn’t want to take the chance of them accidently charging $800 esp. since they couldn’t give me a timeline when the whole order would be fulfilled so I asked for a email confirmation. After waiting 2 weeks and various phone calls, we decided to cancel our order (we had suspicions that they would claim bankruptcy and leave us with the chrages). Reps were insistent that all sales are final even though their previous website said all orders would be shipped out within a certain timeline AND they still couldn’t tell me when my order would be completed (this is 3 weeks later.) We called our credit company to refuse charges and fix the other charges. It’s a huge hassle and I’m stuck with silk pillow covers without the matching duvet sets. AUGH!

  56. I placed 2 orders during their sale … I have received 3 out of the 4 items from the first order I placed (mid july) and i got a confirmation that one of the items from the 2nd order is shipping yesterday with a UPS tracking to be delivered on the 2nd.

    HOWEVER – the 2nd order was placed when they were having the additional 50% off, but they charged my credit card the amount that was the normal sale price (without the additional 50% off)!!! I left them a voicemail this morning to ask them to adjust it. The 2nd order was a $1200 order, so worse case scenario, they will be charging $2400?? I do hope they take care of it before the other items ship. I would hate to have to battle it with my credit card company. 🙁

  57. Anon and Sandy – those are good pieces of news! They haven’t charged my credit card yet – so hopefully if they do it’s a good sign that I’ll get my order. But I worry for gnomik having been hit with the charges and now way to track the order.

    Hey – Brocade Home/Restoration Hardware – if you’re reading this (and I know someone is…) please do something for your customers. This mystery is no way to conduct business.

  58. I ordered a ottoman on july 29 it just was delivered yestday AUG 28 !!soo if you did ordered from brocade home you will most likely get your order soon also!!

  59. i just rec’d 2 orders i placed a few weeks ago….i heard that restoration hardware is going thru some operational changes and brocade is bearing the brunt of it. i also heard from someone who works there that brocade may be under new management soon, so hopefully all will be back to normal….i think their stuff is fantastic and am hopeful they will be back soon…

  60. I can’t find anything gnomik. But, if I were you, I’d call my credit card company and tell them that the situation and for them to not pay Brocade Home. If they’ve stopped taking calls then the chances that they are still operating in any capacity are slim. I’d at least give your cc company a heads up on the matter.

  61. I am also very confused about what’s going on with Brocade Home… I ordered the Hand Carved Bed and had the cost deducted from my account but have yet to see the bed. And the order number that was sent to my email is not recognized by UPS. I also purchased two other itmes (which I haven’t been billed for yet) and have heard nothing about them. Of course, there is no way to reach anyone there. Very disconcerting…

    Anyone have an ideas about what’s going on??

  62. Well, now Brocade isn’t even answering their telephone! A week ago they said my order was slated to ship by today at the latest. Hmm… their not answering and their mailbox is full. Guess it’s time to give up on Brocade?

    What a poor way to shut down a company. One wonders what Restoration Hardware can be thinking??? Why would anyone ever order from them again if this is how they handled Brocade?

  63. I ordered a duvet, sham and some wallpaper from them on July 14th. The sham came shortly thereafter by itself, I have yet to see the duvet or the wallpaper. They gave me the same story as you. Good news is that they don’t charge your credit card until item has shipped (unlike some other sites out there). Fingers crossed. I like the site and hope it opens up again for business.

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