Choosing a Greener Refrigerator

Everyone wants to save energy and live greener. According to, the first place to look when trying to save energy is the kitchen’s biggest guzzler: the refrigerator. If your fridge was purchased before 1993, it uses twice as much energy as today’s Energy Star rated models. Here are some tips to get green and save some green.

How to buy an energy efficient refrigerator
“Consumers who want a greener refrigerator should first look for an Energy Star® model,” states Matthew Kueny. Senior Product Manager for Miele. “Unlike other product categories, there are relatively few refrigerators that qualify for Energy Star®. Secondly, and more importantly, to make a real impact, they should not keep their old units in the basement or garage. Since refrigerators run regardless of their contents, maintaining a second unit erases any energy savings achieved with the new unit. The DOE (Department of Energy) is running a recycling program ( to combat this epidemic. It’s important to keep in mind that an Energy Star® refrigerator uses at least 20% less energy than one that is not qualified and uses 40% less energy than refrigerators sold in 2001,” advises Kueny.

Energy Star rates the Miele Independence™ 30” bottom mount (models 1811 and 1801) as the most energy-efficient, proving 33% more efficient than the current federal standard.

Miele’s new Independence 30” bottom mount is ranked #1 by Energy Star.

Energy Star qualified products use high-performance dual compressors, improved insulation and more precise temperature and defrost technology to boost efficiency.

Other Green Features
– Look for fast cooling features, such as Miele, Liebherr and Bosch refrigerators have, to help cool a fridge quickly after you load your groceries.
– Top or bottom freezer styles are more energy efficient than side-by-sides.
– Buy quality – longer life cycles means less waste.
– Keeping the door closed saves the most energy. Look for models with door alarms to remind you when the door doesn’t close all the way.

Bosch’s SUPERCOOL feature saves energy by quickly cooling groceries.

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