Top Design Season 2: Getting to know Natalie Williams

At only 24 years old, Natalie Williams is already a head designer at a major design firm, Yessicks Design Center in Alpharetta, GA. She is passionate about design in numerous mediums including fashion design, graphic design, architecture, and her main focus interior design. Natalie is best known for putting colors together and learning peoples’ styles quickly. She is also a firm supporter of mixing contemporary style with traditional style. Her goal as a designer is to find a perfect balance between beauty and function. She says that her passion is driven by the ability to enhance her client’s world and make their visions reality. Natalie currently resides and works in Georgia.

Here are a few images from Yessicks portfolio gallery. Unfortunately, they have only one residential design image (1st image below) and several from what they call “Show House” but I think they are show room images. Also, there is no way of know if any of the work is Natalie’s, but their overall portfolio gives and idea about their “look”.

Other places to get to know Natalie:

Business website
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BravoTV’s interior design reality show Top Design Season 2 premiers on September 3rd. I’ll be doing the bulk of my blogging on the show over at Blogging Top Design , so visit me there as well!

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