Top Design Season 2: Getting to know Robert Reid

From the time Robert received his first set of LEGO’s as a six-year-old, he knew he wanted to be a designer. Originally from Canada, Robert,40, moved to New York City to attend graduate school at the prestigious Pratt Institute, where he received his Master of Science degree in Interior Design. After a few years working at a large, international, commercial architecture firm based in New York City, Robert relocated to Houston, Texas, where he was being pursued by a Top100 design practice. He and his partner quickly became known as “the New York guys in Houston,” and developed a great reputation for unique, innovative and well-designed spaces in a challenging market. After only two years, Robert and his partner were able to launch their own design practice based in Houston. Since then, Robert has worked on hundreds of design projects across the United States, Canada and in Europe. He is a very methodical and serious designer and believes that paying attention to the most minute details separates a great designer from all of the rest. He labors over every design decision and can explain his decision making process on every project. His projects are each unique and varied in style – from very traditional to ultra-contemporary – with his signature being his adherence to a strong concept, use of unique materials, custom details, elegant finishes and integration of advanced technology on every project. Robert is acutely aware of the world around him and takes inspiration from everything.

Robert is principle of Brooks-Reid Studio. Unfortunately, their website appears to be down so I can’t troll for work images.

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