It’s a flotilla of Crystal Ship Chandeliers

You know how suddenly you see the same item all over the place? It feels like these crystal ship chandeliers have been making the rounds of the blog world. I thought I’d round up several different ones – and their vastly different price points – and see what we think.

1st Dibs – Spanish, circa 1900

Z Gallery – $799

Bograd Kids – $3,295

I can’t imagine ever actually using one in a space. I’m not ship person, for one thing, but I also don’t particularly care for the design concept either. So, what do you think?

xoxo Linda

7 thoughts on “It’s a flotilla of Crystal Ship Chandeliers”

  1. Whoever thought of these? I cannot see one redeeming quality in them design wise and have no Idea why anyone would feel the need to have a crystal ship shaped chandelier…
    it is beyond me..

  2. I have never seen anything like these! A design concept that contravenes acceptable tastes is a brave step, which gives them a certain factor of interest and I appreciate that.

  3. I may be alone in this but I love them all. Give me anyone of the ‘lighter than air’ ships shown and I’d be thrilled. There’s magic in those lights! Add one to any boring interior and it’s a little more magic. Come on, let a little more light into your design life! These would work great in any Paris-inspired interior, be it atelier kitchen, butler pantry, bed/bath, or art studio.

  4. I love the ships I would have one in a heart beat
    It would have to be the real deal though no knock offs

  5. My brother has a home on the lake in Alberta Canada. He likes to do the “lake theme`. He has just ordered one of these to go above the dining room table. What a perfect investment that will be. Very authentic.

  6. Just put one up in my dining room. My home is eclectic, yet clean lined. It looks sooo Fabulous. I am even shocked. Its so outside the box. It makes me smile every time I see it!

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