DIY: Measuring for Window Treatments

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Decorating our homes is a lot of fun – the colors, the fabrics – so many beautiful options! But, the job does not end once you select the perfect fabric for those one of a kind window treatments. Unless you are working with a professional, you will need to be taking measurements. The wrong measurements can ruin a job. Whether you’re installing drapes or blinds, valances or shutters – there is a basic set of of measurements to be taken.

I thought I’d share the worksheet that I use on client projects. As a general rule, I use one sheet per window and I always take every measurement, even those I know I won’t need. Better to be in the practice of taking more than you need than finding out you are missing one while standing in the store placing your order.

Click the image for a larger view and print. Or, you can save the image to your computer.

xoxo Linda

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