Extreme Home Makeover: St. Louis

I’m not a regular watcher of Extreme Makeover Home Edition as it’s always seemed a bit emotionally manipulative. And as a girl who cries at Hallmark commercials, it can be a bit overwhelming. A friend of mine, on the other hand, watches regularly because it gives her a reason to have a good cry.

However, I’ll be sure to be watching this season for their just completed project in St. Louis. The homeowners – Dawn and Emmanuel Martirez – were high school sweethearts and, as it happens, high school friends with my great friend, and writing partner, Peg McGuire. As a matter of fact, Peg was with them the night they met. The Martirez’ are the parents of a young daughter, Elle, and 4-year old twins Evan and Alec, both of whom were born with genetic (yet different) diseases. Their small home was just not going to be able the handle the special needs of the boys as they grew. Dawn is a pediatric cancer nurse who now spends full time caring for her kids.

After a long vetting process, they got the early morning knock from Ty Pennington on September 3rd. After the family was wisked off to Disney, the work started with a knock down of their existing home.

After one week, hundreds of volunteers and 5,500 meals, the family returned to their new house on Tuesday of this week.

And here is their tidy little Craftsman style house. I’m happy that the designers didn’t overwhelm the tight neighborhood with some huge thing. I’ve been hearing some of the inside scoop from Peg about what the house has – including an elevator so their son can move freely around from basement to first floor. Pretty cool.

Here is the family heading into their home for the first time.

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5 thoughts on “Extreme Home Makeover: St. Louis”

  1. Thanks for the Home Extreme Makeover pics. I have watched this show a lot in the past, but, like you, I sometimes get a little tired of the emotional aspect of the show. I would like them to shake up the format somehow…. it’s getting stale. Love your blog… love your pics and can’t wait to get started on a design board for your contest! How fun!


  2. From what I understand, they are being more careful to select people who will be able to handle the extra price tag involved in these makeovers alone. The electric bills alone must have been astronomical – what with all the electronics they usually have. Their focus this year is “Heroes”, which is why this family was chosen as the Mom spent a carer helping babies with cancer and now is full time at home with disabled kids.

  3. I had the pleasure of working at an Extreme Makeover Home last week in Toledo, Ohio. It was incredible to see the way people came together. The designers were very gracious, especially Rib Hillis who made a point of coming into the food service tent and personally thanking every volunteer.

    I would encourage anyone who has the chance to work on one of these homes to take part. It was a wonderful experience.

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