Mixing Styles In Interiors

Courtesy of Architectural Digest
Room by Jacques Saint Dizier
Photography by Mary E. Nichols

Are you set in one way of decorating? Are you fixated on one style or a specific period? All beautiful English country homes and estates are filled with pieces from almost every continent and numerous countries, from France to the Baltics. It is never surprising to find a souvenir from Italy nestled beside a Chinoiserie piece. Showcasing décor that tells a story, where you’ve been and where you’d like to go, is a sure-fire way to make a space your own. Incorporating antiques is a simple way to bring a rich history to a room. A well-worn and lived-in interior is often best.

In a room with multiple periods, antiques and modern pieces can work together, however there is a technique to creating harmony with different styles. The key is to take note of color, size and shape.

The room above is a Napa Valley home designed by California-based Jacques Saint Dizier, who was one of Architectural Digest’s “AD 100.” He incorporated a Mission-style desk, a William and Mary side table, a Chippendale arm chair and a 1950’s dome light fixture. For most, mixing these pieces would not come naturally. They do, after all, span almost 300 years. But the room works because the size, shape and color make for an eclectic yet cohesive room that provides function and comfort. I’ve also included below a few more rooms that demonstrate mixing styles effectively.

Courtesy of Architectural Digest
Photography by Michael Moran
Room by Shelton, Mindel & Associates
Courtesy of Architectural Digest
Room by Carleton Varney

Contributed by George Evans, Co-Founder of Bond & Bowery.
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