A little weekend thrifting

I took a leaf from the Eddie Ross encyclopedia of weekend thrifting and visited a local Salvation Army store to see what they had. I almost never see the place open, but I was heading over to Michael’s for some Mod Podge (a post on that project to come!), saw it was open and stopped in. You have to dig a bit, but I came up with some very fun finds!

I first spotted this tarnished silver wire bread basket for $3.99.

A little silver polish and voila!

I live near the ocean and it’s near impossible to keep the silver from severe tarnishing and I was overdue for this chore. So, I took this opportunity to tackle some of my other pieces, including my Granmother’s dresser set and an antique sterling mini champagne bucket that I use as a planter.


Next, I found this pristine set of cut glass napkin rings in their original box – for $4.99. There is a small paper lable marked “Made in Western Germany”, so I know they date back no earlier than 1949. The box has no labeling of any kind, but I don’t really care. I love the square shape and I may either keep these for myself or give them as a gift with some pretty napkins.

And finally, I found this simple glass decanter for a whopping $1.99. It’s imprinted on the bottom with “Liquor Bottle” (truth in advertising?) and Scotland. I will most likely fill it with bath salts and give it as a gift.

That was my shopping experience.

And, for my polishing experience, I thought I’d show some closeups of one of my most treasured things. This is my Grandma’s silver and crystal dresser set that dates back to probably the late 1920’s-1930’s.

I love family heirlooms, don’t you?

xoxo Linda

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