Travel Tuesday: Haunted Hotels

This week, in honor of All Soul’s Day, we’re visiting some pretty spectacular haunted hotels.

This Halloween, the Brown Palace Hotel is offering special tours of the popular historical haunt. From Oct. 1-31, 2008, the complimentary*, 45-minute tours will take place Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, beginning at 1 p.m. The hotel’s historian will lead wide-eyed guests on a tour through some of The Brown’s more hair-raising hauntings, telling tales of mysterious sightings and disturbances from its past. One story on the tour takes place in Ellyngton’s restaurant. Prior to the restaurant being renamed Ellyngton’s, it was known as the San Marco Room, home to big bands and later, the San Marco Strings. One evening, a houseman went to investigate sounds coming from the dining room. Upon entering he discovered a quartet of formally dressed musicians practicing their music. The houseman was not amused as it was long past closing time. “You’re not supposed to be in here,” he said. They replied, “Oh, don’t worry about us. We live here.”

The Mount Washington Hotel was built in 1902 a show of the wealth owner Joseph Stickney had amassed through his investments in coal mining and the Pennsylvania Railroad. His widow, Caroline, who owned the property at the time of her death, is said to be seen sitting on the edge of a bed, brushing her hair. Read more here.

Legend has it that a curse was laid on the Popham family – male heirs would die out – at Hunstrete House, a country house hotel near Bristol, England. True or false, this happened and Hunstrete twice passed to nephews through the female line. In one of the bedrooms a presence has been felt and objects rearranged.

So, the question is:

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  1. After seeing the beautiful pictures of the hotel, location and accomodations I would definitely stay knowing it was haunted. However, I would have to know that I would have a friend along. Wonderful post!


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