Top Design – Chandi Challenge – Entries!

I’m just so impressed with all the entries received so far for the Blogging Top Design Swarovski Chandi Challenge that I’m running! Everyone has done such a beautiful job and it’s so much fun to see all the different ideas!

Here are the latest entries:

Designed by Tiffany Kim – a graphic designer gone interior designer

Designed by Jean Marie Keil

Designed by Annilee B. Ramirez of ABR Design

Designed by Kimberly Saquing of designablespace

Design by Lisa Berardinelli

You can check out all the entries here. Would love to hear which designs are your favorites!

And stay tuned! The Blogging Top Design team will be selecting five finalists and the ever fabulous Margaret Russell of Elle Decor (and BravoTV Top Design judge) will be selecting the winner!

xoxo Linda

4 thoughts on “Top Design – Chandi Challenge – Entries!”

  1. Super fun contest!! I am a sucker for I particularly like #2 and #4.. I would change up a few of the chairs in both design boards..but really like everything..All entries are amazing that you posted today. Can’t wait to see what Margaret Russell thinks and which one she selects as the winner! Great post!

  2. Hi Ivy – thanks for stopping by! I am so impressed with everyone’s designs. #4 really does set a great mood. I love the color palette of #3. Well, really, I like something about all of them. Our team will be selecting 5 finalists and then it’s up to Margaret!

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