Bungalowize Your Sixties House

Contributed by Janet M. Perry

Because of the housing boom in the 60’s, there are lots of these houses out there. Because of today’s housing bust, many of them are on the market. Or perhaps you live in a Sixties ranch and want to make it look distinctive and not so dated. Turning your ranch into a bungalow-inspired house will accomplish this. Since the bungalow of the early 20th Century is one of the influences for ranch houses, there are many shared characteristics, particularly those of the Prairie Style made famous by Frank Lloyd Wright. Prairie style homes have an emphasis on horizontal lines as do ranches, with their long low shape. To turn your house into a bungalow it’s best to remember a few points about the style so you can apply them. These are:

  • Natural colors
  • Mix of materials
  • Rustic ornamentation

If the things you change and the elements you add have these qualities, you will end up with a wonderfully charming house that will be unique and timeless.

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xoxo Linda

2 thoughts on “Bungalowize Your Sixties House”

  1. Are you reading my mind?!?
    We are considering a move in the next year or so and i am ready for a ranch. Not a working ranch…a ranch style home. Currently living in an a 3 story and it’s making me crazy.
    Thanks for the story.

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