Color Q: Gray and Yellow

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Over the last year, we’ve seen a lot of the gray and yellow color combination. I know several of my fellow bloggers have done posts about this combo as well. And yet… I just can’t wrap my head around it.

I thought if I pulled together several images and really immersed myself in the palette, I might warm up to it.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL IMAGES and then come back to tell us how you feel about this popular color combination.

Color Story – Yellow and Gray by Surroundings

The super talented Jackie von Tobel of Jackie Blue Home emailed me a couple of her renderings in yellow and gray. She suggests that a taupe gray may work best with yellow. Aren’t these fantastic!

And yet, still not loving the combo. Although, I never liked purple in interiors until recently and suddenly, I’m all into it. So, perhaps if I keep steeping myself in yellow & gray, it will grow on me.

xoxo Linda

4 thoughts on “Color Q: Gray and Yellow”

  1. Hi Melanie and Rhonda – I do like yellow, it’s just the combo with gray that kind of makes my skin crawl. Maybe it’s just that neither color looks good on me – I never wear yellow and rarely wear gray. Hmmm… interesting…

  2. I just painted my dining room a greyed purple. It’s colder than I like, though I think I’ll be able to warm it up with paintings and accessories. I wouldn’t put plain gray in my house. Just don’t like it enough.

    I do have two yellow rooms.

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