Sponsor Love: Welcome, Tracy Glover Studio

I am so thrilled to welcome Tracy Glover Studio as a new sponsor of ::Surroundings::!
As a young girl Tracy Glover saw a photo of a woman blowing glass and found the image so intriguing she was inspired to try it herself. She fell in love with the challenge of working with the material and realized the pleasure of making decorative, functional objects. Using Venetian techniques, Tracy Glover artfully crafts table lamps, floor lamps, wall and ceiling lamps, in addition to a gorgeous collection of vases, drawer and cabinet pulls.

Her sumptuously colored glass catches and reflects the light, creating a dazzling focal point in a room. The delicate strength of each individually made piece of Tracy Glover’s work is born in an industrial, Rhode Island studio. Molten glass brews 24 hours a day in a crucible waiting to be melded together by her skilled hands. Glover is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, universally known as one of the finest art schools in the country. Her passion for the ancient craft of shaping glass has taken her from noble Venice to a crystal factory in a convent in Belgium as well as to Pilchuck Glass School, a mecca for glass-making in Seattle.

Visit Tracy Glover Studio here.

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