Alan, The Gallant

Okay – first off – how cool is the name Alan, The Gallant? It conjures up chivalrous images of raincoats laid over puddles, doors held and gentlemen standing to great a lady. Sigh… ok, am back from my daydream.

But, seriously – how pretty are these graphics designed by, yes – Alan, The Gallant – a Barcelona based design firm which creates these beautiful graphics.
Topo Azul, handmade designde patterns – is an organic approach to the art of painted wallpaper. A style that plays with lo-fi but in the end is revealed as a high quality product with a fresh and contemporary sensibility. This handmade pattern was created from the concept of freedom of lines. Heterogeneous forms are unified by using the same color. it reminds of the beauty that exists in the chaos and the randomness. Artist Ana Montiel has designed TOPO AZUL as well as our other wallpaper collections. Since her early beginnings, she was fascinated while drawing different shapes (vs. patterns) and forms, not knowing that her fixation at the time would evolve into beautiful patterns for Pattern Tales®.

I love the soft, gentle quality of these designs. A little vintage-y in feel, without being stuffy.

xoxo Linda