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As you may already know, Macys has been working with the women of Rwanda for several years selling their handmade baskets in stores and online to directly help genocide survivors. The success of this program has enabled to launch Shop for a Better World , a site that features one of a kind gifts, home décor items and life style accessories handmade by artisans in countries like Indonesia, Cambodia and Rwanda. The sales of the product featured on Shop for a Better World employs the women in these countries that continue to recover from some sort of disaster.

Shop for a Better World is a vertically integrated program; all steps of production take place in the origin country using only raw materials sourced from the region. The program employs a large population of women who live in the rural countryside, allowing them to maintain their current residence and avoid the often costly and disruptive process of relocating to cities in search of work and allows them to provide for their families in terms of education, healthcare and many other necessities.

How cute are these ornaments?

And more gift ideas…

Shop here, for a better world!

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  1. Love the movement towards hand crafted pieces with meaning…I think that is where design is going…away from consumerism, towards time with friends and family and items that reflect those values in our lives.

    NIce to see

    Thanks…I really enjoy your blog


  2. I agree Michelle. As painful as our current economic atmosphere is, I think it will go a long way towards refocusing us back to the more personal. Handmade, locally made, or made by those looking to better their own lives is going to become much more important to us all. At least I hope it will!

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