The first snow!

It snowed today here in Massachusetts – the first snow of the season! I had plans for brunch and a little Christmas shopping with my lovely niece Katie, so I shoveled my way out and met her at Acquataine Bis in Chestnut Hill for a lovely late morning breakfast of omelettes, cinnamon rolls and mimosas – totally yum!

And then we were off to the Prudential Center in Boston for a little shopping.

I always love to take pics of flowers and these were spectacular!

(click the image for larger view)

I’m not a big mall shopper, but the Pru is currently hosting the Artisan Market and I wanted to check out the works of some very talented local artists. I’m a big fan of photography (obviously!) and fell in love with the work of David Stern. His work – images of Tuscany landscapes and architecture and windows – is available on ceramic tile as well as standard prints. All are beautiful and I bought three! One he has to send me to me as he’d sold out, so I’ll save those for a later post when I receive it!

On my way back home – it had begun snowing again – I drove around my town and took pics of some beautifully decorated old homes and various sites around town:

I came home and cut out and baked some sugar cookies (post to follow).

Oh… and I got no Christmas shopping done. Actually, I am working on some handmade gifts, but I do have a lot of work to do! How is your shopping going?

xoxo Linda

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