Celebrate the Holidays with Andrea Schroder and Family

Lovely Top Design Season 2 contestant Andrea Schroder emailed over these great pics of her family getting ready for the holidays in Malibu Magazine. Normally, I post all my Top Design items over at Blogging Top Design, but I wanted to share these here as well!

Click images for larger view and to read captions.

Aren’t they a gorgeous family? But, this New England girl just can’t quite get the whole Malibu Beach Christmas vibe! Where’s the snow? Where’s the sleet and freezing winds? And just how does Santa keep cool out there in his white fur and red velvet? Inquiring minds want to know!

Meanwhile, Eddie Ross recently spent some time Chez Schroder and posted some more pics of their house here.

Thanks Andrea for sharing!

xoxo Linda

4 thoughts on “Celebrate the Holidays with Andrea Schroder and Family”

  1. Great post! Andrea just looks to be in her element there! She really must have missed her family terribly while shooting Top Design. I think THEY are her inspiration!

  2. You always hope that someone that pretty would be a blazing B****. Alas, she’s not. Perfectly lovely that one. Geez, why do some people get all the good genes?

    Talented gal. I hope she knows that deep down in her soul.

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