A Virtual First Nite for New Years!

Are you going to an outdoor First Nite celebration? We have an exceptional one here in Boston which is a lot of fun. But, I think tomorrow, I’m going to spend the evening with friends, eating Chinese and watching Mamma Mia. Here’s a little virtual First Nite celebration that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year! And stay tuned for a New Years Resolution contest that I’m putting together!

xoxo Linda

6 thoughts on “A Virtual First Nite for New Years!”

  1. I love this! those ice houses/sculptures are out of this world!!! wow – look at the Sydney harbour – does it get anymore beautiful???

    thanks for all your kind words and support! Hope you had a wonderful New Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Beautiful Linda!
    Happy New Year to you!!!
    Just stopped by Jackie’s blog and she had some wonderful fireworks too!
    Have a wonderful 2009!
    Always a pleasure to connect with other designers in blog land:)


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