It’s a Contest! Resolved in Ought Nine

My lovely sponsor Tracy Gover – Tracy Glover Studio – has graciously offered this spectacular blown glass table lamp as prize for my first contest of 2009 (Ought Nine!). Tracy is a glass blower based in Rhode Island. She has trained in Europe and in the US and uses old world techniques to create her modern designs. You can read a little more about Tracy here.

This beautiful table lamp is one of her new “white” line of products. Make sure you tilt you screen to get the best look at it!

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TE L 4 0 1 . 4 6 1 . 1 5 6 0 FAX 4 0 1 . 4 6 7 . 0 0 9 8

Veronese Lamp
With it’s inspiration drawn from 16th century Italian paintings, this lamp is an homage to the Veronese vase manufactured by the Venini company in the early 1920’s. Ribbon-like latticino canes co-mingle with solid striped canes in shades of white and opaline.
Hand-blown in Rhode Island with traditional Italian cane techniques.

  • 6 inch round, acrylic base
  • 26 inches tall from base to top of finial
  • White dupioni silk shade, 8.5 inches tall by 14 inches at bottom and 9 inches at top
  • Nickel dimmer switch socket, 100 watt max
  • All nickel hardware
  • Striped glass finial
Now – don’t you want this lamp to brighten up your Ought Nine? All you have to do is share with us one or two of your New Years Resolutions and how you plan on making them come true. Tracy and I will select our favorite – it could be funny or inspirational!

Let’s all light the way for each other as we make the new year
Bright and Beautiful, Healthy and Wealthy, & Warm and Wonderful!

Thanks to Tracy and to all who participate. You are more than welcome to post your comment Anonymously or with a nom de blogge, just remember to please email me at with your real name so that if we pick yours, we can contact you. And, you will need to be prepared to share your physical address so Tracy can ship you your lamp!

Good luck! Deadline for comments is January 16th!

xoxo Linda

35 thoughts on “It’s a Contest! Resolved in Ought Nine”

  1. okay – to get the party started, I wanted to share a couple of my resolutions.

    1) Put it in writing! I’ve never been good at making lists or writing down intentions or plans. So, this year, I’m resolving to put in writing what I want/need in the hopes that it will help make more happen!

    2) And, of course, the standard – live a healthier lifestyle. See – I just wrote it down! And put it on the WWW. Write it, learning it, live it!

  2. Hi Linda, What a cute lamp. O.K. I’m not good at making New Year’s resolutions, but here goes…
    #1. Buy a teeth grinding guard, so that when my 14 year old son torments my 11 year old daughter next time, I won’t grind my teeth any shorter. #2. Hire someone, who will magically make all the cat hair tumbleweeds rolling by me daily disappear, #3. Gain 40 pounds (I’m using reverse psychology here since stating what I’ve needed to lose in the past has never worked!) haha, and finally #4. World Peace (I’m channeling Sandra Bullock here, but seriously, World Peace would be nice!). Love and blessings to all in 2009!

  3. Hi Linda

    The lamp is gorgeous.
    I`ve never been great at New Years resolutions, but this year I`ve let the New Year in with great optimism and faith that good things are happening, for myself as well as others.
    It`s 2009 and I`m a 9 in numerology, so as crazy as that may sound, I`m going to claim this year as a fantastic one:)
    All the very best to you,


  4. what a beautiful lamp! It would look right at home at my house, so I’d love to play along:

    1) Try to cook healthier! I’ve done pretty well most of the time, but could use some recipes that include ways to make meals that taste good without all the fattening ingredients. More creative cooking!

    2) Growing my business – my home business and my blog go hand in hand, so I’d love to see growth in both of them for 2009.

    Happy New Year!

  5. I plan on purging my closets and drawers – removing anything that my children or I haven’t worn in the last 12 months and donating the items to various local charities.

    I’m planning on trying new things (either horseback riding or Tae Bo – I haven’t decided yet) and revisiting old things that brought me pleasure like watercolor – and making the time for both pursuits.

  6. Every year my resolution is to lose weight! This year I plan to follow that up with exercise. My husband and I are starting dance lessons ( a generous gift given to us by our daughter for Xmas.)

    My other resolution is to “Pay it forward” every day!

  7. My resolution, my goal, my motivation for 2009:

    Just to relax. A strange resolution and probably the most challenging when all around us we are feeling the tide waters rising, life as we know it is about to change forever. I think for once I am going to let the waters take me where they may instead of swimming against the tide. While I love salmon, I refuse to die like them swimming upstream, starving and stressed. (Although I could use a little starvation therapy this year to fit into my clothes.)

    To start appreciating those around me. We all aren’t perfect yet we expect perfection from others. I’d like to start appreciating the beauty in imperfection. And this means there is beauty all around us in a convoluted yet comforting way.

    To love the process of growing older. In the past I’ve looked in the mirror and felt the tears well wondering what happened to the girl who turned heads. Now I want to love the wonder of transformation, knowing the knowledge and wisdom I hold today couldn’t possibly have fit into a 22 year old’s size 6 jeans. Just not possible. Scars are evidence of a life lived. A little tushy spread..good food.

    To talk to my parents every day while I still can. I suppose there will come a time when I will be able to talk to them in a private conversation in my mind while others assume I am suffering from mental instability. So, right now I will enjoy really hearing the phone ring and their earthly voices.

    OK, I’ve used your site for therapy long enough. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did writing it.

    You can reference me as ‘Contemplative.’

  8. Well the lamp is gorgeous and would sit well in any setting I would have thought….unlike me who is abit of a fidgeter!!
    My resolutions for 2009 are not mind blowing or inspirational except to me, and if you knew mw you’d understand
    1) To open an online shop of items made and decorated by moi

    2) To start a blog, which to me IS like rocket science

    3) To lose weight, I know the usual but I gave up smoking 4 years ago after 35 years and have put approx 4 stone on eeek….but now I am in a place where I am ready….get set ….goooooo

  9. Hi Linda!
    The lamp is lovely! What a wonderful find (and so close by)

    My resolution is worry less. Pretty much across all areas of my life, family, children, work, health, blog, etc. I want to try to enjoy the moments and not worry so much about what ifs?

    I hope I can can be successful – but what if I fail…just kidding.. But seriously, it is great to reflect and to take steps forward to improve.

    Happy New Year!

  10. Love the lamp! Here are my three “buzz” words for 2009!

    Focus: To become laser focused on business activities to ensure I’m always working on the highest priority. To create product(s) that helps others with their financial focus.

    Footprints: To re-examine the “big picture” aspects of the activities and relationships that I am involved in and measure them against: does this enhance me or what is most important to me. If not. Time to move on.

    Flourish: To incorporate fitness into my daily life by doing one of these activities: walking, kayaking, golfing and yoga. Grow business through attracting only ideal clients.

    Happy New Year!

  11. What a lovely lamp, and you wouldn’t have to ship it far seeing that I’m just north of Boston!

    My ‘goal’ for 2009 (because I don’t like to use the word resolution) is a simple one — to keep my kitchen counters clean. They are my house’s hotspots, and with three little ones under five, it’s a near impossible task. But because they are such a central and focal point of our home, even light clutter drains all of our energy. Keeping them clear will help to keep us [all] feeling lighter!

  12. Damn! I wasn’t going to make any resolutions, much a less put them in writing, but you devil gals have tempted me with that mighty fine white lamp.
    So what to resovle, what to resolve???
    1. Get fat!
    2. Swear more!!
    3. Booze it up!!!
    Well that ought do it for Ought Nine!
    Love you madly, and wishing you a great 2009.
    xo xo
    Your Auntie Vamp

  13. Hi Linda,
    Here’s my resolution: don’t worry about introducing a beautiful glass lamp to a home with a one-year-old child. And a cat that jumps up on tables.
    (And learn to use my camera correctly! 🙂
    -Chris K. Fifth House

  14. I’ve just moved this past month, eco-friendly, well sorta, it’s more like, ‘eco’nomically friendly.
    I’m fortunate to have found a place that does not rely on Oil for heat, but the limited space has forced me to pick and choose my belongings. Whatever warmth and comfort that I once found in them has gone way with the oil and when I saw the ad for your contest I found myself smitten and thought it would fit my New Years resolution:

    To find light in the darkest of moments instead of filling its absence with chochkas.

    I’m through with the impermanence of most objects and hope that I’m not too late to enter for something I will always appreciate.

    Thanks for the opportunity,
    Happy Holiday.


  15. Yes Chris – you need to learn to use your camera!!

    Visual Vamp – Booze It Up more! Love it!!!

    Suzanne – clean kitchen counter tops is a good one!

    Paula – Focus, Footprints, Flourish – Fabulous!

    Gina – Don’t worry, be happy!

    All great ones!

  16. hi linda

    here goes my new year resolution
    well every year i make one resolution n end up breaking it big time,
    so my first new year resolution says
    1-follow the resolutions
    2-make easier resolutions ( to achieve 1 )
    now gettin to the list
    3-smile more
    4- brush teeth twice regularly (makes the 3rd one worth it)
    5-participate in more contests

    see, i m already participating in this one to win the lamp, so fulfilling my 5th one right now , smiling while typing, thus fulfilling 3rd
    i could fulfill 2 of them already, means that 2nd is also fulfilled
    n together that makes even 1 successful

    as far as 4th is concerned, bbye friends, time to brush my teeth 🙂


  17. here are my 3 resolutions for new year:

    1 – i’m currently at university, when i finish this year i want to pursue a career in interior design, which has been a passion of mine for many years and if i don’t try, im sure i’ll regret it for years to come.

    2 – i wish to be completely happy with myself. Sounds a bit silly but over the past years i have always said i’d lose weight, but this year im going to love those slight curves on my body, and not give into the size 0 craze.

    3 – Save up to give my mum a fabulous holiday in the maldives. Over the last year her mum and two siblings have died, i think a holiday is in order.

  18. I don’t usually make resolutions b/c I hate to dissapoint myself if I don’t follow thruogh. However, I have a new friend that is a personal trainer and she is dragging me to the gym, so I guess exercise and being healthy would be it!

  19. 1. I hope to do something about this blogger’s butt thing that I have going on (and on, and on and…)

    2. I am also on the lookout for a green dress for my nephew’s wedding in May, even though that’s rumored to be cruel.

    3. And finally I hope this is the year I will win Taco Bell’s taco sauce packet ‘funny line’ contest…although if I win, I guess that will hurt my chances for #1.

    Thanks for such a nice contest, I love this lamp!!! If I win, I will make sure to use a low watt bulb, to conceal, well, my blogger butt 😉



  20. 1. LIVE – every moment by keeping a positive outlook
    2. LAUGH- as much as possible, its the best medicine
    3. LOVE- why not? pay it forward and the world will reward you ( sooner or later…)


  21. Hi Linda….so glad to find your lovely blog and read about all of you Rhode Islanders. I was born in Kingston RI, many years ago while my dad was at URI. My baby brother works on the Endeavor at URI. Small world, yet I'm so far away.
    Tracy Glover is an awesome artist and I certainly covet that lamp.

    One of my New Year's resolutions is to get rid of a little more of that unhappiness & depression that overcame me after 8/29/2005. My home rehab, my blog, and the great friends that I'm meeting in the bloggy world are helping me to achieve this.

    Another resolution is to become a little more Lamp Trampier… this gorgeous lamp of Tracy's would certainly put me on that path! I must do a post explaining why I was named Self Confessed Lamp Tramp!

    So pick me, pick me!!!
    XOXO, Lamp Tramp

  22. I saw this lamp and just had to enter, it’s gorgeous. So Resolutions:

    1. I’m sick of playing the Wii and having to recover for two days afterward. I know sad huh! So my resolution is to get into shape, start running and train for a half marathon.

    2. Get better at going green. I’m trying to move my family toward Organic food, it’s definitely more expensive, but little by little, as much as I can afford I’m going to do it.

    Okay that’s all for now. I hope these are inspiring enough!

    Pick me PLEASE!!!!!!!

    (I said please…)


  23. I saw this lamp and just had to enter, it’s gorgeous. So Resolutions:

    1. I’m sick of playing the Wii and having to recover for two days afterward. I know sad huh! So my resolution is to get into shape, start running and train for a half marathon.

    2. Get better at going green. I’m trying to move my family toward Organic food, it’s definitely more expensive, but little by little, as much as I can afford I’m going to do it.

    Okay that’s all for now. I hope these are inspiring enough!

    Pick me PLEASE!!!!!!!

    (I said please…)


  24. I love that lamp. I mean *Love* — like trade in a husband love. (Kidding honey. Really. I’m kidding.)

    I’ve taken the better part of a week to think of resolutions for the New Year. I’m not the kind of person who makes resolutions. I don’t like to fail, so why set myself up to fall, ya’ know?

    This is what I plan to accomplish:

    Finish my book. I got a good start, but I need to sit my butt in the chair and write. Should be easy, seeing that I don’t know anyone in our new town and I don’t have a job. Lots of time. No excuses.

    That’s the tangible resolutions.

    Here are the not-so-tangible:

    I resolve to be kind. Life is hard. The world is uncertain and I’m scared. Others are scared, too. Collectively, we’re cranky and tired and a bit angry at the world. I’ll send kindness into the world. I’ll do my best to let someone merge into traffic, even if I’m in a hurry. I’ll say a quiet prayer for someone who needs one, even when they don’t ask.

    I resolve to try something new: It doesn’t have to be anything big or life changing. I want to keep growing and learning and the only way to do that is to try something new. Don’t know that the “new” thing will be, but it I can promise that I never ever did it before.

    I resolve to trust more: It’s hard to imagine that a higher power wants the best for me. I resolve to trust that my needs will be met at exactly the right moment. It’s hard to trust that will happen, and I’m certain that I’ll try to control the forces. I’ll lose. And I will resolve to trust again.

    I resolve to be a failure. I’ll want to change something in my life. And I’ll try. And I’ll fail. And that’s okay, I think.

    I resolve to try again: I’ll fall. Again and again. There will be days where I won’t be kind; that I’ll stick to my old ways and that I’ll lose all hope that a higher power will come through. I resolve to get up, brush myself off and try again.

    So, those are my resolutions. Not as tangible as the others for this contest, but resolutions none-the-less.

    Really, I want that lamp.

  25. My New Year’s Resolution? That’s easy. To be happy in these dark, dark days of winter. Seriously, I live in Philadelphia and we haven’t seen the sun in weeks. Every winter I say that I am moving to Florida. But since I love this city, I’ve decided to turn on the lights, to listen to more music and to invite more friends over. I’m pretending that it is summer!

    And by the way, I am very picky about my interior purchases, and I love this lamp. My favorite materials are glass and stones of all kinds (marbles, granite). If I win this lamp, I will take such good care of it and knowing of my semi-seasonal affective disorder, it will take care of me!

  26. I plan to do a top to bottom “excavating”/cleaning….After 27 years of accumulating I feel that I can help others during these tough economic times by purging and donating….
    I also want to get a scrapbook FINISHED for each of my grandchildren….
    and hopefully redecorate my bedroom around this beautiful lamp…thank you for the opportunity….
    Edna R

  27. My 2009 Resolution

    The New Year always brings us hope.
    A chance to start anew.
    But a chance to win a Veronese Lamp
    Is my incentive to see it through.

    This year I want to set new goals.
    Give more and ask for less.
    Eat healthy, exercise, join a gym;
    Be positive and get more rest.

    I’m determined that this will be the year;
    Do what it takes for my business to grow.
    Marketing, advertise, create a blog.
    For the inspiration…I thank you so.

    Now that I put this pledge in writing.
    I’ll read it often so I won’t fall.
    Win or lose I now know that I have won.
    Cause I’m determined to give my all.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    Christine Trebendis

  28. I’ve had a very rough few years filled with sadness and depression. Things are looking a little brighter now and I’ve decided that it’s time for me to lighten up. (puns intended:-))

    1. This new year I resolve to find inner peace. To do this I am going to take better care of myself, be kinder to myself, exercise and meditate, and make more connections with others.

    2. This year I resolve to simplify. Let go of the things that I do not need, and keep only the things that I love (this lamp would be one of those 🙂

  29. I have a list of resolutions, wishes, dreams, ambitions, and basically things I aspire to do in my life this year.

    I guess this year I am going to try to NOT make one specific resolution.
    I am simply going to take this year off to smell every rose, tulip even a carnation or two. Whatever may cross my path.

    I resolve to enjoy life’s textures, colors and aromas. To indulge in the simple things and to take one day at a time.

    To stop saying “what if”…
    If you think about it, simply take the word “if” and add a “L” to the beginning and an “E” to the end…. Well, you get “LIFE”… And that is what I resolve.
    To live it to the fullest!

    Not sure if that is a list per say but its one I plan going forward in 2009.

    Cheers Linda and all the best to you in 2009.


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