Travel Tuesday: Paris!

Yesterday, we toured the spectacular Paris Opera house. Of course, we’re now tired and need a place to put up our feet and relax. And this being Paris… well, there are one or two hotels that fit the bill!
I stayed at the Hotel Scribe, which is right next to the Opera House, last year when I attended Maison et Objet. It’s a beautiful hotel, bright, luxurious and sparkling clean. I will say, the mattresses and bedding were like sleeping on a cloud. It was hard to get up and head out, but then, when one is in Paris…

The Hotel Scribe was a favorite haunt for journalists in Paris after the German army was driven out in August 1944. Among the patrons pictured are New Yorker reporter Janet Flanner, CBS newscaster William Shirer and Ernest Hemingway seated at the center table. The famed war photographer Robert Capa who took the D-Day pictures is wearing a helmet in the right rear.
oil on canvas, 1944
Floyd Davis
picture painted for Life magazine

In the hear of Montmartre is a discreet Directoire style townhouse that is now the home for the Hotel Particulier. I’d describe the interiors as quirky elegance with lush textiles and traditional fixtures blended with unexpected wallcoverings and colors.

The Hôtel des Académies et des Arts is located at 15 rue de la Grande Chaumière in the 6th Arrondissement. The hotel has a luxurious yet playful feel and plays a kind of “where’s Waldo” with the placement of some whimsical artist forms rendered in paint and scuplture. These little guys show up all over the place. Can you spot them?

Where shall we go next time on Travel Tuesday?

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xoxo Linda

4 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: Paris!”

  1. Hi Linda!

    These are some beautiful Parisian hotels! Where did you end up staying? What did you think of the Opera House? Did you know that bees are tended on the roof of the Opera House and have been since 1856? There is actually a beekeeping school in Luxembourg Gardens in Paris where the current beekeeper at the Opera House studied. Pretty cool, huh? Who knew?

    -Paris Insider

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