Taking the Man Cave to the Next Level

Contributed by Lori Dolnick

We’ve all heard about the Man Cave, that quintessential space where a guy can escape to relax, entertain and grill. But today’s Man Cave has gone to the next level. No more threadbare flowered sofas in the basement. Gone are the milk crate shelves and velvet posters of dogs playing poker. These rooms are high design – and they range from sleek gourmet kitchens, to resort-like outdoor kitchens, to luxury wine cellars and even plush libraries complete with overstuffed leather chairs. It’s not that men are staking claim to the entire house. It’s about men taking an interest in organization, quality and design. If the figurine collectibles have a display cabinet – why not the baseball card collection? If a man likes to cook – why can’t his grill area be a complete outdoor kitchen getaway.

Barbara Umbenhauer, Marketing Manager for Rich Maid Kabinetry (a high end custom cabinet maker) notes several key must-have categories for man caves that they have built:
1) Exotic Woods – the uniqueness of exotics claim superiority and masculinity.
2) Flooring – Rich Maid has put in heated tiles – but individual selection rules what a man prefers underfoot.
3) Simplicity – the desire to escape the outside world demands a room that’s simple.
4) A place for everything – holders for trophies, cards and other collectibles.
5) Privacy – whether out in the yard or behind a locked door. This is a sanctuary.
6) Electronics – Man spaces must be wired for computers, games, music and more.
7) Games – Pool Tables, Darts, Poker and other assorted Toys.
8) Sound Proofed – well who wants to hear all the toys and music blasting anyway?
9) Bar – Duh.
10) Fire – nothing says cave like a fire. Whether it’s an Olympian steak-sized grill or a gas-lit fireplace. Starting fire is a manly must.

Here are some fun man caves rooms to dream on.

This man cave from Rich Maid Kabinetry highlights the perfect custom drawers for collectibles.

Poggenpohl’s Porsche Kitchen is a sleek and sophisticated ride with high tech audio/visual components built-in.

Nothing says “fire” like a deluxe grill nestled in gorgeous water-proof cabinets from Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens. Move over Fred Flintstone, we’ve got some Brontosaurus burgers to throw on.

Contributed by Lori Dolnick.

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  1. Hi Ann – thanks for visiting and commenting! I do think there has been a trend emerging for a long time – but one that started in the basement with a handpainted “no girls allowed” sign has morphed into a high end space (like those shown in House Beautiful and those Lori documents in this post) that is worth spending time in – not just a refuge from flowers and overstuffed pillows.

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