Happy Mother's Day

mom1 copy copy I’m visiting my Mom, Dorothy, today on Cape Cod for Mother’s Day. We had a lovely brunch and then did a little antiquing – two of my favorite things to do! I was poking through some family photos and wanted to share a few. The photo at top is of my mother (kneeling) at about age 10, with my Great Grandmother Mary Anastasia (left), her son, my Grandfather Ed(mid) and my Grandmother Helen. The next pic shows my Mom at age 20, looking quite glamourous with Grandpa and Grandma.

mom2 copy mom1_2_3.jpg My mother graduated from Regis College in Weston, MA. She was editor of the college newspaper and the yearbook. Can you imagine a 20 year old today posing like the photo on the right for her yearbook? The “calm center of a social whirl” is how she was described in her year book. Of course, she was the editor…BobDotEnagement Here are my parents in 1954 at their engagement party.mom1 There are actually very few photos of my mother and me. Here we are in the 60’s. I’m looking kind of dopey, but maybe I was sleepy, or just dopey…100_0956.JPG copy Here are my parents about three years ago. As regular readers and friends know, my Daddy passed away a few months ago. So, these first holidays and special family days are all the more poignant this year. I have to say though, that my mother has been an tremendous example of grace and spirit under fire. She has certainly not rolled over – although many of her age might.

I can credit my Mom for teaching me to sew (or at least sending me to sewing class!). She made many of my clothes when I was young and she usually made many of our window treatments, pillows, bedding, etc. Thanks Mom! I love you!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there!

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  1. Thanks everyone – yes, it’s fun to see how the DNA gets passed around. My mother always talks about how much she looked like her Mother – particularly as she got older. Now I’m seeing the same thing. Weird. Nice. Weird…

  2. * I'm with all three above~ it's soooo beautifully sentimental to think back isn't it, & this is so lovingly written about your family. Know your precious, cute Mom is very proud of you, and no doubt a beaming father was too, my friend. Sincerest blessings on your recent loss of him.

    Linda in AZ*

  3. lovely post- and i must say, the resemblance between mother and daughter is pretty striking!

    hope you had a great day antiquing with mom.

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