Happy Memorial Day Weekend

(playing with my new camera – click image for detailed view)

This Memorial Day, I’m remembering our beloved heroes (and one in particular) who’ve gone on ahead of us. Whether they were taken on the battlefield or in the fullness of a life well lived – the men and women who serve our country deserve our thoughts, prayers and thanks.

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xoxo Linda

6 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day Weekend”

  1. Dear Linda~

    * This is a very "Special Day" in our home also, and I'm sending our most sincere blessings to you & your loved ones.

    It's so much more than just "cook-outs", isn't it?

    Warmest regards,
    Linda in AZ *

  2. * Oh, Linda, I just returned from reading your Fathers Day writings about your beloved Dad~ and I see now why this day is "extra special" to you.

    YOU warmed many hearts with this oh-so-loving tribute & honor to him, and the way he lived his life. And oh! What a WONDERFUL LEGACY he left for all to emulate!

    He sounds not only like a "dream Dad", but a one-of-a-kind, very special gentleman… always a rarity, and ESPECIALLY these days~~~ You were soooo blessed, and it's wonderful that you realize it.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and love for your Daddy. Of course, I am thinking of mine, and my dearest Mom. Both died waaay too early from the things we have yet to find a cure for. That's why we all need to DONATE to the Cancer Society, Heart Foundations, etc…

    Most sincerely,
    Linda *

  3. Love that photo there, while you were playing with your camera. I like to look both inside and outside other people’s windows. But I don’t consider myself a Peeping Tom. Just like to see how they decorate!

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