Old Cape Cod


I did a “drive-by shooting” (thanks for the phrase, Meg!) tour of Rte. 6a, the Old Cape Cod Highway, was this weekend. I’m still editing al the photos, but thought share this image of three cute little antique homes all decked out for the day. Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend!

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Old Cape Cod


5 thoughts on “Old Cape Cod”

  1. These drive bys are fabulous for us in newer parts of the US of A. Gosh – hard to imagine 1600’s – wow. I can’t even begin to pick a favorite = possibly that one you said was well manicured and the nicest. hard to say though.

    love love love love this!!!

  2. I LOVE Olde Cape Cod! Spent 15 years there on summer vacations. 6A is true Americana, alive and well. Love to see these pics and would love to see more!

  3. Hi Lisa – yes, I was driving and shooting! I did a lot of pulling over and letting people pass by! I’m pretty much the bloggerati paparazzi of Massachusetts!

  4. Wait…who was driving? Or were you driving & shooting? You are getting to be a pro or do they call it papparazzi?!? Love seeing your amazing photos with your amazing camera!

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