Cape Cod Church Conversions

I have one last set of photos of Cape Cod buildings to share – some fabulous Cape Cod church conversions! I love a good conversion. I have always wanted to live in a house that was transformed from something else – like an old school house or church. There are a couple of such conversion spaces in Sandwich, MA that I wanted to share.

This first house is, in fact a private home. It used to be a doll museum and before that, a church. I am dying to get into this home!! Cape Cod Church Conversions
The brick building below used to be the Catholic Church. It is now a bed and breakfast and part of The Belfry Inn. This space is now called The Abbey.

Cape Cod Church Conversions

Cape Cod Church Conversions
The Painted Lady Victorian was the rectory for the Catholic church and sits next door and is now part of the Belfry properties. It sure didn’t look this spiffed up when it was housing the parish priests!Cape Cod Church Conversions

The Belfry
And finally, just outside of Sandwich is this recently closed down chapel, which was part of the Sandwich Catholic Church parish. This would certainly make a fantastic art gallery, condo building or single family home. Plus, plenty of room for parking!

Cape Cod Church Conversions

shingle style detail

Just take a look at that shingle work and the subtle stained glass windows.

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5 thoughts on “Cape Cod Church Conversions”

  1. Hi Liz – glad you found me! I am trying to do more New England topic posts!

    Mary – so cool you're renovating an old church. I took a look – very nice!!

  2. Such stunning photos this place is just so beautiful, I just love these buildings, I have to agree with Liz its great to see that these older building as not been torn down but rather been reused

  3. Hi Linda,
    I have read your blog and listened to the Roundtable – but have never commented until now. I am renovating an old country church as I, too, always wanted a cool, older building for my home. I have been a designer for over 30 years and am finally doing something fun for ME. Blogs are a bit boring now as I am trying to create a garden – but visit me anyway!

  4. Love the photos! I think my favorite is the last one – the windows, the shingle coloring, the shape of the building – what a house it would make. I too really like reused buildings – certainly a "greener" option than tearing them down.

    I'm delighted to find your blog. Usually when I search for Massachusetts blogs to read I end up finding a bunch of attorney blogs (which I've always thought was odd – not that they have blogs but that they dominate the search results). I look forward to reading more – yours looks right up my alley!


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