Dining with Edith Wharton

Edith Wharton did her writing in bed. Finished pages scattered to the floor for a maid to pick up and keep organized. I’m totally convinced that Edith would be a blogger were she around today. Laptop at the ready, posts flying into the wind. Here is a photo I took today while I toured Edith’s home in Lenox, Massachusetts, known as The Mount. Gorgeous and inspiring! More photos to come of the grounds and interiors. I leave you with these. Am off to Tanglewood for a BSO concert tonight! Hopefully, weather permitting, I’ll be able to show photos of a picnic on the lawn tht I have planned, so stay tuned!

Eating on the veranda, overlooking the stepped terraces and the Berkshire mountains.

photos by Linda Merrill for ::Surroundings::

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xoxo Linda

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