Happy Birthday, America!

Happy July 4th, America!

As I’ve previously written, and tweeted, I’m spending the long July 4th weekend in the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. I spent a lovely few hours yesterday afternoon at Edith Wharton’s house, and am very excited to do some in depth posts about this amazing estate, that just one year ago was facing foreclosure! What a comeback story!

I spent last evening at Tanglewood for the opening of the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s summer season. James Levine conducted Tchaikovksy. In between raindrops, we had a lovely candlelit picnic on the lawn. A great wine – Clos du Val merlot – along with baguette and cheese, chicken salad and chocolate chip cookies. Delish!

Today, we’re off for a visit to the Norman Rockwell museum, whose work I’ve always loved! Here are four of his most famous works, which seem appropriate for today: The Four Freedoms.

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Worship

Freedom from Want

Freedom from Fear

While we’re clearly still a work in progress, I do believe we keep trying.

And tonight, I’ll be back at Tanglewood to hear Diana Krall! I hope you’re spending the holiday with friends and family and having a great time!

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xoxo Linda

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, America!”

  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend! I can't wait to hear all about Edith Wharton's estate…I am so glad it did not go into foreclosure!

  2. Wow…Now THAT sounds like a celebration!

    A good friend's father grew up in sturbridge…and would deliver some of Rockwells paintings…he and his father were in some of them. When we were out of school we went to the village looking for his old home. Found it, and the young couple who bought it invited us to stay a few nights…he was a director at tanglewood…so we went there with him to see a show. I was just telling friends that story last night!

    Happy fifth! hee.

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