Travel Tuesday: A daytrip to Maine and the York Decorator Showhouse

(view out back of the showhouse property)

Last Friday a decorator friend and I drove up to York, Maine to visit the York Decorator Showhouse, which was closing the next day. Well, the trip, company and the beauty of Maine were all winners. Unfortunately, the showhouse was just a bit disappointing. First off, they wouldn’t allow photography. Huh? I just don’t understand how a showhouse can justify the restriction of photography. Regular folks want to take pics of things they want to remember for inspiration in their own homes and bloggers like moi want to show the work of the hardworking decorators to the world and offer a little promotion for the charity the showhouse is supporting. Secondly, the showhouse itself wasn’t spectacular. Most of the rooms were mediocre at best – common and nothing special. There were some highlights, however. I am going to contact a couple of the decorators to see if they have photos they can share. Meanwhile, here are some shots of the beautiful Maine coastline.

The McIntire Farm – York, Maine. Location of the York decorator showhouse took place in this 1920’s farmhouse.

The McIntire Homestead dates to 1707 and according to one of the tour guides, the house below, which is next to the Farmhouse, is the oldest house in Maine.
After the house tour, we had a lovely lunch overlooking this beautiful view of an inlet on York Harbor. There’s just something about Maine!

Mainiacs swimming in frigid waters. It’s not unusual for the water to still be in the low 60’s in August.

The picturesque Nubble Lighthouse.

And a couple of homes overlooking the ocean. The yellow house is an adorable rental and the bottom photo is of a private home. Not a bad life!

Well, hello Atlantic Ocean!!

I hope you enjoyed this little photo tour of lovely York, Maine. And stay tuned as I hope to have some photos of the interior of the showhouse soon!

All photos by Linda Merrill.

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xoxo Linda

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  1. York looks very pretty…, the gorgeous Nubble Lighthouse -I wonder how many times it has been photographed (must be in the millions). Great capture!

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